Ultra Street Fighters IV Omega Moves You Didn’t Know

We have another for omega mode I Ultra Street Fighter IV. This information is based off of the first batch of characters revealed for Omega mode but the interesting thing is that the video shows some moves we didn’t see yet and the some interesting combination. Check out the videos to see other ways of using these sweet characters.

As always thank you for reading.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega In Action

Ultra Street Fighter IV omega mode is in action with Ryu, Chun li, Zangief, Blanka, Guile and Ken. Remember Omega mode gives all new gameplay to the old favorites from the game. Check them out in action to see the moves we have yet to see.

As always thank you for reading.

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Ultra Street FIghter IV More to Omega

Hello Street Fighter fans, as you know ultra Street Fighter IV is getting an update patch that includes omega mode. This add new and old moves while throwing the word balance out the window. What this means for players is a new version of their favorite characters to play with. Now we have been given some more data on more characters. I say some because the article makes of note with each section that the their is more changes then they listening. As before I will list what they have posted.


Gigaton Blow: A powerful EX follow-up to Balrog’s EX Dash Straight.


The Gigaton Blow uses three bars of EX meter, so you’ll need full meter to pull it off after an EX Dash Straight. Maybe this could be just the move you need when you want to put your opponent down for the count…

You can’t really hit-confirm it, so you’ll have to think of good ways to land it.


Horn Breaker: A command throw.

Balrog goes all-in with head blows. You could call this a special move version of his Dirty Bull. It dishes out quite a bit of stun.

Balrog also has new options for his close and long range attacks, making him into a more aggressive character.

My inspiration: A wild bull with giant horns.


Rose Thorn: A new variation that can be triggered from Vega’s Barcelona Attack. As the name suggests, this is a sharp, dangerous kick move. It can be performed after flying over an opponent’s head, making it a difficult move to read. You might get hated on for using it. Heh heh.


Ryu: Is this gonna be the throw? Or the claw attack?!


Vega: Rose Thorn!

Crimson Crucify: A version of EX Rolling Crystal Flash that uses two bars of EX meter. This is a rushing multi-hit move that does big damage.


Though Vega mainly specializes in single-poke attacks, now he has a multi-hit combo that does big damage too.

We always conceptualized Vega as a character who is strong in the air, so we wanted to expand on that concept.

My inspiration: An even thornier Vega.


Tiger Raid: A kick combo that finishes with a powerful flying kick. This is very similar to the move from the Alpha series.



This move can be linked from a medium kick, so if you’ve got the meter you can look for ways to hit it after one of those. And since it sends the enemy flying, you can use it to help push your opponent into a corner too.

Sagat also has target combos and feint moves, making him a character who can use his legs pretty freely. And with his projectile he can keep up the pressure at both close and long range.

My inspiration: Sagat going beyond the title of The Emperor of Muay Thai!

M. Bison

Psycho Crusher Omega: A more powerful version of the Psycho Crusher that uses two EX bars. After hitting his opponent with the Psycho Crusher, M. Bison can pound his enemy with an uppercut for an explosion of Psycho Power!



After the hit he even gets his trademark pose in! This also counts as a hit!

Psycho Sever: A new move—the fierce and EX versions give Bison the overhead he’s always wanted.


Now you can repeatedly pressure your opponents with Double Knee Presses, and then break through their defenses with the Psycho Sever.

The properties of Bison’s existing moves have been changed, and with new command normal and special moves you’ll have fresh new ways to play Bison!

My inspiration: The evolution of a dictator!


Shura Rengoku


During the forward-moving kick version of Ashura Senku, use two bars of EX meter for another version of the Shun Goku Satsu. Trick opponents into thinking it’s a normal Ashura Senku, then hit them with a surprise attack!

There have been many changes and additions to Akuma’s EX moves, starting with Hyakkishu. Try some of them out and it won’t take long for you to discover that you’ve got a completely different Akuma on your hands.

My inspiration: Akuma having a lot of things to do in the air!




A striking attack that can be used in combos. It doesn’t have a whole lot of reach but it comes out fast and doesn’t cause a lot of pushback, making it easy to use in combos. You can also use it together with EX Focus Cancels to create various new combos.

Pictured above is the EX version. It’s not only powerful, but also causes crumple stun.


Now you can send Gouken’s EX Hadoken flying in three different directions depending on your button combinations. You can use this in combos, and it’s also good for keeping your opponent in check.

Gouken’s versatility has really improved. Take a good look at all of his moves and choose the play style that’s right for you.

My inspiration: Gouken with a stronger ground game!


EX Sonic Boom

EX Sonic Boom stays still on the screen for a bit before flying towards the opponent. I guess you could call it a set-up move.


Follow after it to apply the pressure, or


Use a Yoga Teleport while the Boom is holding to teleport behind the opponent for a mix-up.


And there’s a new special move too—the Chariot Tackle! Use it for new combos!

Seth has always had a lot of moves, so we’ve balanced them to make them easier to use.

My inspiration: Seth coming at you from both the ground and the air.


As always thank you for reading.

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Mighty No 9 More Money for Ray

As you have heard there Mighty No 9 Beck may have a rival in the character Ray. I say may because they need more money to make it happen. You Mighty No 9 is a kick starter game from start to finish. Now that they are talking add on new things means they need to add on more money. The money amounts to 198,000.

•Game design (character + stage): $19,000
•Graphic design (character + stage): $14,000
•Modeling (character + stage): $25,000
•Animation (character + stage): $50,000
•Effects (character + stage) $24,000
•2D assets (stage): $6,000
•3D assets (stage): $20,000
•Programming (character + stage): $32,000
•Sound (character + stage): $8,000
•Total: $198,000

As For Ray he is a vampire version of Beck. He has the same absorbing powers but he needs to absorb to live as he is decaying. They say he looks like zero from the megaman x series but I think he looks more like Proto man.

Mighty No 9 d34d2d80f1cd950a1e187603dad2cba7_large_thumb


As always thank you for reading.

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Final Fantasy Tabata In Paris

Hajime Tabata the director of both Final Fantasy Type 0 and Final Fantasy XV was the game expo in Paris French where he answered a few questions about the FFXV. Hajime asked the audience would enjoy the option being able to hear Japanese audio as well as Western which he was given a huge applause giving him them a yes. He also mentioned Active Cross Battle system. This will allow you to switch between character as well as combine attack with them. Another was old enemies to the series may return but we were not given ay examples on who. Summon beast also came up as Hajime stated their will be more as so far the only one that has been confirmed is Leviathan. They did try to get more out of him but Hajime stopped them by saying that if he told them everything then they wouldn’t play the game. If you missed the video from my previous post here is one of them.

update new video


As always thank you for reading.

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The Last Naruto Movie Full trailer

We have been getting a lot of news about the Last Naruto Movie but only sneak peaks of the actual movie. Now we are getting a full trailer which for the most part does look like a mash up of the past videos with a few new scenes making it feel as though they were leading us up to this. With that said you can check out the video below.


As always thank you for reading.

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Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo

Earlier I notified you guys of tech demo for Final Fantasy XV that was shown I Paris. The video below shows what the graphics as they stand right now showing us environment, animation and character models. I should point out that these videos were private so please if you are interested in them watch them before they are take down. With that said enjoy the videos. Thanks to those who posted them.

As always thank you for reading.

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