Fate/Extra Recall ops

Okay fate Stay night fans you might have noticed that Fate/Extra has been recalled. For those who are wondering why all you have to do is look at the image below. For cover image saber has something extra that is not suppose to have. Check the image below and you will se what I mean.

saber type moon


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Bayonetta 2 DLC Teaser

Platinum Games is teasing us with Santa Rodin about Bayonetta 2. Rodin is the merchant who likes give Bayonetta his master pieces. The tease is that Christmas day Rodin as Santa will may have a present for fans and we should look forward to.

“Today is Christmas Eve! Rodin will have a present for you tomorrow. Make sure you check PlatinumGames’ official Facebook page!”

Then we get the information that there is some good stuff coming our way with ne content for Bayonetta 2. No idea what it is but for the most part the Umbra ladies always impress as Akiko Kuroda quickly mentions.

“We are preparing new content for Bayonetta 2 as well, so please look for further announcements”

It is interesting to note that for a game company that doesn’t like to do DLC they giving it to the fans. I guess they are in the Christmas spirit.


As always thank you for reading.

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Verendus Rumors & Reveals

Verendus a industry insider brought to the fans much information. He started answered question about a new suikoden which he stated. I will remind that this is mostlyu rumor as nothing has been announced

“There’s an incoming Konami exclusive for Playstation. Is it this or a mythological new Suikoden? Dun dun dun.

Anyway, this game isn’t that far along apparently.”

After words a whole of information came out ranging from Suikoden to Final Fantasy. Here it goes.

1.New Suikoden game in the works now. This one is very far off though as it’s a recent thing as far as I know. I’d think 2016 is the earliest we start hearing stuff about it.
2.Superman is looking to make his triumphant return to video games, in a non-fighting game this time.
3.New Virtua Fighter game to come.
4.Good news for some PC MGS fans, there are plans from the top to bring the HD collection to PC. Not that anyone isn’t expecting that, I’m sure.
5.On the back of that, FFXII HD on current gen is basically confirmed at this point. As is one of the older Dragon Quest titles in HD (I’ve genuinely forgot which number though since it’s been a while). In addition to that, there is a spin-off Final Fantasy title planned for consoles. Not big budget. Not FFX or FF7 in case people take it there. Not a traditional RPG either.
6.For you, thou shall bring a Xenosaga HD collection. I’m also looking forward to this as I’ve never played them. Took a whole lotta tryin’ just to get up that hill. Now we’re up in the big leagues, gettin’ our turn at bat. As long as we live, it’s you and me, baby.
7.You will start to hear about digital revivals of some old IPs in the next one to two years. Playstation and otherwise.
8.Another unnamed IP which is coming to Playstation exclusively from Sega should hopefully be announced next year. It’s had teething issues which seems to be making it take longer than I thought, as have most other projects on current gen to be fair from the looks of it, but I’m happy to mention it again because it looks like we might finally get an announcement next year. I’m hoping at least. This one’s not a fighting game.
9.Third Person IP which is big budget is coming and it’s set in the Indian subcontinent. Mentioning this because I feel it’s quite notable something big is going this route. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a big title in this kind of setting. I find it very surprising, but also very exciting. Western developed.
10.Japanese new IP which is set in…Japan. Third person action adventure title with monsters and machines. Might have RPG elements, not too sure on that unfortunately. Futurisitic setting. Playstation exclusive.
11.A new game which will be a pretty big deal, I’m sure.
12.An old game, which will be somewhat of a big deal I guess.

We should have news on all of the above over the coming 2 years I’d think. There’s one or two “twists” here and there where one may not like what happens, but it’s all true. I honestly think this is going to be an amazing generation.”

Again a lot of information has not yet been proven true so please take it with a grain of salt. I am posting this because of fans who might want to know the buzz. Honestly I would like to hear about a new Grandia but here we are.


As always thank you for reading.

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Persona Q & 2 Manga

A while back I informed you guys that Persona Q was getting manga’s well now we have some information on it. The two manga will represent been drawn by different artist. P3 persona Q will be penned by Sō Tobita while Mizunomoto will pen p4 version. The stories will be the same as the game with both sides showing events from their perspectives. So far we only have art work showing how Persona side looks which you can see below. For those who have not play the game the story takes place at the cutral festival in Persona 4 when a bell tower appears bringing shadows along with it. The Persoan 3 team hears the bells and are brought to the future to meet Persona 4 team. The two team meet Zen and Rei who they soon discovered lost memories might be the key to this whole thing.

personaq maga p4


As always thank you for reading.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse SSj Gohan 2, Cell & Vegito

We got some more stuff from Jump Fiesta regarding Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The trailers showed us a couple of new scenes in the dragon ball z time line like the cell saga fight between Cell and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and now you can see some footage of that fight along with kid Buu and Vegito. Enjoy the show.


As always thank you for reading.

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Mortal Kombat X Define New

Ed boon is teasing us again as he answers twiter questions regarding Mortal Kombat X. This time the question is will their be an new ninjas. Now Ed Boon responded by saying define new. The article thinks this might be a sly reference to a ninja named Tremor who appeared Mortal Kombat Special forces. However it is hard to say what that referrers to exactly but it goes with Ed boon missing with fans as they try to get answers from him or speculate about the game. With him doing that I am not to sure if he is hinting at something or is doing this to pass the time. I will post an image of Tremor and the tweet below.

Ed Boon ✔ @noobde
“@NateFinegold @noobde Hey will there be a new ninja in mkx? EB: Define “new”…

12:33 PM – 22 Dec 2014

30 Retweets 104 favorites



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Persona 5 Details Coming Soon

A while back I told you about Atlus throwing a concert going over Persona 3&4 greatest hits. Well they promoting this using the main characters images as well as the image of the main character (if not the only charcter) from Persona 5. We now have a message to go along with that. The message is from producer Katsura Hashino.

“After the New Year, we’d like to reveal content with proper timing,” said Hashino

Due to the fact that the main character is part of the promotion fans think that we will hear more Persona news at the concert as it needs proper timing. We had this theory before but we are now taking Hashino statement above as another sign of a reveal at the concert. You can check out the images I was describing below.




As always thank you for reading.

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