10 Mintues Of Hyrule Warriors

We now have a ten minute gameplay video of Hyrule Warriors. Link newest adventure gives a new way to play as you slash your way through waves of enemies with who ever you chose. The video is from TGS 2014 show floor and shows three main villains of the game on the selection screen. Recently they were announced as later additions. the game is combination work between Nintendo Tecmo Koei If you are interest in the game then please take a look down below.


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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn 2.4 Dream Of Shiva

With a new patch coming out soon for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn we are asked to look to the future to ask what is next and apparently we get to fight our favorite ice summons Shiva. yes that is right I said Shiva as she will appear as a boss for a dungeon in patch 2.4. As usually with Final Fantasy battles you will get cool stuff if you win. Keyword their is if as Shiva has two modes hard and extreme. She is being compared to Ramuh and although she can’t kill you in one hit like he did she is still difficult to deal with. Other changes involve a change to the new ninja class where they lose the command throw which allowed them to throw items and weapons at enemies. Also the marriage system was touched on again saying that it is still in the works and will be ready for patch 2.45. For more check out the article below.

ffxiv 20140920_233255_thumb

ffxiv 20140920_233442_thumb

ffxiv 20140920_233451_thumb

ffxiv 20140920_233537_thumb

ffxiv 20140920_233616_thumb

ffxiv 20140920_233632_thumb

ffxiv 20140920_235915_thumb

ffxiv doe_thumb


Article videos:http://www.dualshockers.com/2014/09/21/new-final-fantasy-xiv-a-realm-reborn-trailers-showcase-patch-2-4-shiva-look-awesome/

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Black Dynamite Digs October

A date for the season 2 premier of Black Dynamite has been announced. Our favorite black karate cat is coming to us October 18. Black Dynamite follows a private eye who lives in the 70’s and is based of off an action/comedy by the same name with Michael Jai White reparsing his role as the main character.


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Bayonetta 2 New Scans For A New Witch

Four new scans have popped for Bayonetta 2 showing off some interesting things. The first scan shows a new witch and the enemy that we see in the new trailer at the end talking about the eye of darkness returning from where it came. In the image he takes the forum of a bird. Another Scan shows Jeanne and Bayonetta in the back with new pictures in front of them. The last one is text while the third one is the one I showed you before with Bayonetta stealing Mario hate and his mustache while take one of his annoying enemies chomp and attaching it to her leg.






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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Extended 2nd Trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse shown a new trailer at TGS 2014. Someone was kind enough to post the extended version of the one flying around. The trailer shows the online mode where you can take your created characters to fight other. Also the trailer highlights the information that has been mentioned by game sites like learning from dragon ball characters. The story with Mira and Towa changing history for the worse. In terms of is new in the trailer we get some new scenes like the player created character kicking Hercul or Mr. Satan out of the war of Cell. For more check out the trailer to see if there is something new to you.


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Seven Deadly Sin New Commerical

Seven Deadly Sin a manga where a special group of warriors the seven deadly sins must clear their name while protecting the princess is getting animated. Today we get a new commercial for the upcoming anime. The story has Meliodas the first sin Elizabeth encounter running a bar thinking his past life is over. but is soon called back to the warrior life he left behind. Lets see if the Sin of Wraith still has what it takes.

Elizabeth: I can’t afford to be captured yet…! I can’t afford to give up yet!
Soldier: This… This is an emergency!!
Elizabeth: If there’s a single hope that can stop the Holy Knights, it can only be The Seven Deadly Sins!!
Meliodas: You said you can’t afford to give up, right?
Gilthunder: I’ve waited ten years for this.
Soldier: Could… Could you be…!?
Meliodas: Sin of Wrath. Dragon Sin. Meliodas!
Narrator: The Seven Deadly Sins


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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Specials & location

Found some stuff regard Dragon Ball Xenoverse Dragon Ball new time traveling fighting game. the videos I found show the specials for the characters that were used for the character who fight during the beta. Also I have videos showing off player made character from emotion to poses and covers the city that players will use as their hub which will is called toki toki city. I guess that Kai just likes the name toki toki since she gave it to the bird thing as well. Enough talking and lets view the videos shall we.


beta test


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