Fate/ Grand Order Anime Special

Fate/ Grand Order is getting animated special. The special is coming towards the end of 2016 which mean sometime this month. December 32st is the actual date to see what story this master and servant have behind them. That is not all though. We also get to see a little bit of Gilgamesh story as we look back at the oldest servant master parrying that you will see in the rpg mobile game. Enjoy

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Article 1:http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/12/06-1/fategrand-order-anime-special-showcased-in-new-preview

Article 2:http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/12/06/fategrand-order-animated-commercial-previews-addition-of-worlds-oldest-yaoi-pairing

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Street Fighter 3 Sean Handicap

We learn more about Street Fighter 3 as we look back the design details of the game. Today we learn that Sean was meant to be the easy fighter for your friends. Ken student was meant as a handicap originally yet he turns out to be one of the fans favorites. See how he changed below.

“Sean – A youngster who wants to become Ken’s disciple. His older sister, Laura, appears in Street Fighter 5.

Capcom Representative: Was Sean decided on from the very beginning?

Tomoshi Sadamoto: No, he wasn’t. But we felt we didn’t have quite enough characters, so…

We weren’t able to complete Hugo in time, so we delayed him to 2nd Impact, and at that point, we just felt it’d be nice to have a character based off of Ryu and Ken.

But, we also planned to have him used as kind of a handicap, where good players can say “Hey, come on, let’s keep playing, I’ll use Sean”, and their friends could still keep playing with them even with a skill gap.

With that as our goal, we really had no choice but to make him weak. So, since Sean is weak, we decided he’d be a disciple in the story. “He’s a disciple for a reason, so it’s fine if he’s weak now”, we figured, haha.

During Street Fighter 2, players were always fighting eachother to level up, but with Street Fighter 3, and I suppose the Darkstalkers series as well, it wasn’t much of a fight anymore when a skilled player went up against an unskilled player.

We didn’t feel like we could just ask our players to grind single modes first to level up, so we made Sean as a contingency plan for that.

The people who were already into fighting games would level up quickly, and making up that difference is pretty difficult.

Nowadays, I work on developing games for smartphones, but that particular aspect really hasn’t gone away, and it probably never will. ”

sf3-23_sean01 sf3-23_sean02 sf3-23_sean03 sf3-23_sean04 sf3-23_sean05


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Street Fighter V Season DLC Who We Think

Akuma reveal trailer for Street Fighter V came with a tease. Towards the end we got to see silhouettes of character to be included in season 2. While we have no idea who they are officially that has not stopped from taking a guess.  Now these guesses are based on the posses of silhouettes with some being hard to make out. Yet fans believe that we are seeing Helena Gill Nash guide and healer (gill sectary ), Goutetsu Akuma ad Goken master, Mathew McCoy a delta red member, A bison doll named Satsuki and Rook a character from the canceled game Capcom Fighting All Stars. Check out the images below to see what is what.

sfv-06_chars01 sfv-06_chars02 sfv-06_chars03 sfv-06_chars04 sfv-06_chars05 sfv-06_chars06


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Final Fantasy XV Secret Dungeon Pitioss

Final Fantasy XV is out and we see fans are exploring all they can. That means secretes including dungeons such as Pitioss. The following video below will show you whereto go and what you have to do get the best stuff. Enjoy and get what you can.


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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite The Whole Marvel Family

We have new rumor regarding Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite. This rumor talks about the X men and Fantastic Four character being playable as well as DLC for the game. The reason why his is big is because we heard that they have become sour spots with Fox holding rights against Marvel. So when the game was released many thought as rumors stated the game will have no X men or Fantastic Four characters. This was diffidently a downer if it was true. At the moment we don’t know as the roaster for the game was only shown very little.  In order to see if this true we must lean more about the game.



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Soul Calibur 20th Anniversary Trailer

We are talking a lot about a few fighting games with the exception of Soul Calibur. At the moment we have nothing to talk about except for a new trailer showcasing the series history including panchinko ending with the legend never dies. It is hard to say if this a look at the series or a tease to something new we will  have to see.



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Persona 5 Futaba The Girl & UFO

Today we are looking at Persona 5 girl behind the scenes as we look at Futaba the girl in the UFO. We are looking at not only the character but the actress who brings her to life. Take  look below to get to know you supporter.



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