Final Fantasy XII Not a Remake

It appears we might heard wrong about the Final Fantasy XII Remake. This past weekend the band Distant Worlds composer Arine Roth made a statement saying that Final Fantasy XII remake is in the works. Today Arine has posted a statement saying that remake might not be the right word.

“Dear friends,

In response to comments posted by fans, I want to rectify a statement made from the stage Saturday night at our Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy concert in Pittsburgh.

Following conversations with composer Hitoshi Sakimoto regarding new concert arrangements of music from Final Fantasy XII, regrettably, the term ‘remake’ was used in error during one of the announcements that took place from the stage during the concert.

We sincerely regret any confusion this has caused.

Arnie Roth
Producer and Music Director
Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy”

This can only have me guess that he meant HD version is in the works as the statement doesn’t clarify what he said to well beyond it was a mistake to say remake. We will have to see where this goes but for now.


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Scalebound Is Gamescom Bond With IGN

Platinum games new game Scalebound seems to be making it big as we get closer to Gamescom the big German expo that will happen this week. Scalebound was shown off at E3 and we have learned very little other than it involves dragons. At Gamesocm it is going to change as IGN is set to give you the skinny on the game with Kamiy. What you can look forward has been listed as the following.

“In-depth looks at various Scalebound gameplay systems
•Behind-the-scenes on how Kamiya-san finally got Scalebound made after years of trying
•Kamiya-san himself on our IGN Live show direct from Gamescom in Germany on Thursday, August 6 at 6:30am PT/9:30am PT (also available anytime, on-demand, after that time)
•And much more!”

It seems that Kamiya has taken the pr for his own game into his own hands. Let see how he does and while we wait why don’t you check out the trailer that got gamers hooked.

Scalebound  E3 2015 tumblr n9ub3uP8gA1rj26nxo1 500

Scale Bond Hideki_Kamiya_reveals_more_about_Platinum_Games_Xbox_One_exclusive_Scalebound


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Konami Gets Strict

For a while we have heard about trouble between Kojima the man responsible for series like Metal Gear and Zone Of Enders and today we hear more of that. Today We are hearing about the reconstruction which is where most the problem is coming from that thing have gotten strict with Konami. Through Nikkie we are hearing the following.

“Staff members have complained of strict information regulation. All employees, including Kojima himself, were restricted from internet usage. Only staff members who need to contact the outside are allowed to have permanent company e-mail addresses. Everyone else is assigned a five-digit number that changes every few months.

In addition, employees’ lunch breaks are monitored with time cards, and employees who return late have their names announced throughout the company.

Former game creators who are no longer seen as useful have been reassigned to other jobs such as security guard, janitor, and mechanical work on pachi-slot machines. Several employees were shuffled around after pressing “like” on a former employee’s Facebook post about leaving the company.

Nikkei also reports other complaints with Konami. Akira Sakuma, creator of the Momotaro Densetsu series Konami licensed when it absorbed Hudson Games in 2012, posted a complaint on Twitter that he’s having difficulty contacting Konami and negotiating earnings distribution from the latest title in the series.

Production on new games in series such as LovePlus, Tokimeki Memorial, and Suikoden has reportedly halted. LovePlus and Tokimeki Memorial producer Akari Uchida resigned in March.”

These changes was seen early on as Konami removed Kojima Production Metal Gear Solid 5 artwork as well as the website. Fans saw the move as a sign that the Kojima might be leaving Konami. Konami responded that they were just restructuring and that is why the name was being changed. Many companies have had to do this from Square Enix to Capcom to adapt to the mark with smart phone games on the online market. With that said Konami restructure seems to be a little different as it seems to help keep tracks of employs rather than maximize profit. The article says Kojima Production is now 8th production department and that is not dissolved just the name is changed. Also people are still talking about Kojima leaving after phantom pain and Konami has yet to confirm or deny this. We will have to see what the future holds for the company that brings us mechs, vampires and vampire hunters as well as soldiers of fortune.


As always thank you for reading.

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Boruto VS Sarada

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 has a ton of characters from the Naurot universe for players to get their hands on including two new ones form Boruto Naruto The Movie the sequel to The Last Naruto The Movie which also has characters in the game. From Boruto Naruto The Movie we have next genertation characters Boruto and Sarada going at it in a few screenshots. From the manga that acts as a prelude before the movie we now Sarada has her Sakura strength as well as an early version of the sharigun which allows her to use time space ninja magic the same way Obito/Tobi did. She also seems to have Naruto dream of becoming the next hokage. Boruto also has his parent talents as he has Hinata gentle fist but no glowing hands as well as Naruto trade makr move rasengun and giant rasengun. Boruto also has Sasuke trade mark chidori. Right now we have no idea what justsu these two will bring into the game but at least they have a lot to chose from.






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Street Fighter V Vega Claws

We have another reveal for Street Fighter V and this time this fighter has claws as we see Vega dawn his mask once more to enter the ring. The trailer below shows him in action against Necalli another just revealed character. Vega is one of Shadow Law top assassins when eh is not in the ring bull fighting . Seems most of his moves are still their with from what I can see a v reversal that allows him to back away and a v trigger that has him throwing a rose that is followed up with a flying claw strike which acts like Nash as his allows him to use a dash which takes up both bars. At the moment we have no idea how many bars Vega has as we will have to wait for some gameplay. You can see the trailer and images below.

SFV Vega 1

SFV Vega 2

SFV Vega 3

SFV Vega 4

SFV Vega 5

SFV Vega 6

SFV Vega 7

SFV Vega 8

SFV Vega 10

SFV Vega 11

SFV Vega 12

SFV Vega 13

SFV Vega 14

SFV Vega 15


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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Who Is Turner?

While I am looking for Guilty Gear new referring to Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator I have come across a bit of info that is a little confusing. It seems we might have already seen the character called Turner. You see some story elements of the next installment in the xrd series has surfaced and one bit talked about a character named Turner. The thins is that Turner is described as a woman in the image Turner is a man more specific the old man we saw talking with Leo, May and Johnny. This might be a simple translation error but for now we that is what I got. If I find anything else I will you let you know.

GGXRDR who_this

Forum :

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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Testing Johnny

Found some footage of Johnny in action in fighting in the new game Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. Johnny is one of two announced characters for the arcade installment. Jack-o the second character is also in the video but it focuses mainly on Johnny. Now this is a test video with some old time Guilty Gear music in the overlapping all sound so if you have yet to see any video of these two take a look at this. Remember that revelator takes place after Guilty Gear Xrd Sign so not to much has changed. Also this is a location test video I don’t how long it will be up for. Also have an image of Faust with Chronos one of three who resurrected Justice body from Xrd.





As always thank you for reading.

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