Dragon Quest XI Reincarnated Monsters

We have Dragon Quest XI news. The news is what you may face as we talk reincarnated monsters. These monster have lived and have had there appearance changed. The good news is if you defeat them they will drop rare items.  We have the names of a few violent panda, golden cone, heart knight, and cactus gold. There is also talk of some quest that will deal with these creatures of old.


As always thank you for reading.

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Fantasy Strike Demo For Free

Fantasy Strike is the unknown fighter that came out during a little while before EVO 2017.  Well the game demo will be free this weekend between the 28th and 30th. Be warned the build you can download is pre alpha. What that means is that there will be bugs. If you need a reminder of the game just check out the video below.


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Arika EX Passion Project No Money

On Twitch we are hearing that Arika EX is a passion project. What that means is that they are expecting to take a hit on this but are planning to make the game anyway. This may seem odd as many thought  this game was proceeding because they thought they can make money on it. But the fact that they are making it with the idea that it will be a hit is getting them some respect through the fighting game community.

Granted this has been official quoted so take it with a grain of salt. But what do you guys think about this? Let me know.


As always thank you for reading.

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Warrior All Star Shiki Clan Trailer

Warrior All Star has a new trailer. The trailer shows off not just announced characters such as William of NiOh and the ninjas of Ayane and Ryu of Ninja Gaiden. But also new character which you can see here as well as a statement from Tecmo Koei.

“Warriors All-Stars not only features an extensive battle system, but also an abundance of content for players to enjoy outside of combat! This includes the Sanctuary, which surrounds the game’s mighty Hot Springs. Within, players are able to take a break from the heat of battle to upgrade their Hero Cards and work on clan member relations by visiting the Sanctuary’s many locations – the Tavern, Inn, Refinery, Practice Arena and Headquarters. The Tavern and Inn are where many heroes can be found participating in their favorite activities, whether they’re spending time with friends or having a relaxing bath in the Hot Springs. As bonds between comrades strengthen, players are rewarded with unique cutscenes at the Sanctuary, providing a deeper insight into each character’s backstory.

Stopping by the Refinery lets players enhance, create and sell Hero Cards found on the battlefield. Hero Cards are mystical objects that provide new skills and boost the abilities of the character they’re equipped on. And at the Practice Arena, Warriors can improve their stats by exchanging their hard-earned gold for experience points. Once players feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the action, they can visit the Headquarters to accept missions for their clan and plot their next course of action on the World Map!”


As always thank you for reading.

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Bleach Paradise Lost

Bleach Paradise Lost smartphone RPG. The story will go between Soul Society and the Human World. The game works as Pokémon Go as you go around taking out hollows. Which means you can pretend your are Ichigo as you protect your town from hollows but in turns.  Yes the battle system is turn based so we are look at old school RPG style.

As far as stories go we see scenes from the first 2 arcs. Characters has the usually Ichigo, Rukia and her brother along with the rest who didn’t mind fighting. The date on this is for IOS in 2017 but as far as a solid date we will have to wait on that.


As always thank you for reading.

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Dragon Ball Super 102 Spoilers

We have the spoiler for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Since this is a spoiler please remember that if you want to read keep going if not stop now. AGAIN SPOILER AHEAD. Now with that out of the way.

We have universe 2 getting serious as they transform into there alternate selves. 17 liking the challenge takes them on but is lectured about attacking tastelessly. Something that Goku joins in on for no reason. (Seriously what is up with him?) Get set for the next episode.


As always thank you for reading.

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SNK E Sport Summer Continues & Future Chance Of News

SNK has tweeted that they will continue with there e sports till July 31st. But as we look to see tournament I know many including myself were hoping for some The King Of Fighters XIV news.  At EVO 2017 Aside from Tekken7 borrowing Geese we didn’t really get any. This brings me to my point.

When do you think we will hear any news on the game.  Remember it was said that SNK was planning a panel but it was taken off the schedule. Some think that is because it was  a miss translation other says they pulled out. This comes as people think they were planning a better venue to release new game info. Some are saying TGS. The last big news regarding DLC was at an vent for themselves not any of the big ones so they can still surprise us.

But what do you think another round of DLC for the future or KOF XIV is done for now? Let me know.

As always thank you for reading.


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