Blood Blockade Battlefront EP 4

I usual don’t do this but their was a lot talked about in episode 4 of Blood Blockade Battlefront. The anime take the chapter from the manga cutting it and adding to it so hopefully answer most of questions and if you have not seen the episode yet please check it out because if got hooked on the second one this will not disappoint. So go check that out at Funimation as they are streaming it.

The episode has Leo getting on the train where he talks about the population of Hellsalem’s lot getting a glimpse of the rare 5%. He talks about this at the Libra party which informs Libra that an elder vampire is in town. Since they need more information they go ask for the specialist Abraham or lucky Abraham who only add to the comedy when he shows up( I would tell you but seeing it is half the reason why you will bust out laughing). Anyway Abraham is sees Leo eyes as they tool they need to find out what the vampires are up to and ties to use him to see a piece of paper which no one before him could. Leo gets over powered and is knocked as Zapp, Klaus and Abraham go to see the beyond with Leo hoping his eyes can see the elder 13 the big vampires that Abraham is looking. Leo sees more than they expected as he sees nothing but red as word of an elder vampire is Hellsalem lot. KK and Stephan defeated the one she turned into a vampire but can’t hold their own against her. Klaus arrives just in time to take care of the blood breed with her as well as herself in style. After the incident Leo goes to check White to see she refuses to go to her room. Meanwhile the one he was talking seems to know White and Femito as he makes contact with him.

Their are only a few changes from the original chapter in which leaves things mixed. One is that originally like the second episode Leo introduces the audience Hellsalem lot with the numbers that he the other character tell him about in thought as he sees the elder. The big difference is that the blood breed next to the elder does get an introduction in a small chapter before he gets into this where we see him before he is turned into a vampire. He is Tonio and he was part of the Maifa but was traded to the elder. I can’t tell you what they trade him for as she killed them soon after. Tonio is seen surviving Klaus attack unaware that the elder has been sealed or at least it seems that way as he slowly begins to regenerate in a scene after the chapter ends. His Chapter leaves more questions then answers so it might have been a good thing that they cut it. White and the character are anime only so we will have to watch the other episodes to see where it goes with them. Just like many others who see this I am waiting for someone to dub this because their is a lot of keeping up with just reading alone.

As always thank you for reading.

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Batman Arkham Knight Teaser Day 3

Today we get the third teaser for the new Batman Arkham Knight trailer all who follow. The trailer it seems will focus on Batman allies as we all say from the last trailer all the enemies he will be facing in the chaos of Gotham horrible night. With bio pics that were posted we have Robin, Catwoman, Night wing and Azkel (which I might be miss spelling and if I am sorry) are confirmed. With Night Wing now being teased all we have to do is wait for tomorrow to see who stands with the bat.


As always thank you for reading.

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Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F Freeza Speaks English

At an expo inn Chicago it was confirmed that Chris Ayers will reprise his role as Freeza. Chris played Dragon Ball Z Kai and other games like the rest of the Funimation crew. For those who are wondering why this is interesting eve though Funimation is more known for the anime other English studios have had their turn at the anime. This comes as we hear about the dubbing for the movie in English will be released this summer. You heard that right kids another summer movie to look forward to. Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F has the Goku warriors dealing a revived and more powerful Freeza who is hungry for a rematch.


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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition NicoNico 2015 Day 2

I tis day 2 of Niconico 2015 and Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is still getting some action. We have fans getting their hand on Vergil, Lady and Trish the newest edition to the game and what may are looking forward to in this remake. Vergil we see his second mission as he digs deeper into the order. Lady our female gunslinger is on mission one using guns, missile and explosives to deal with demons while Trish uses demon magic and Sparda to keep the hordes of hell at bay. This is also thanks to the ability to link her magic with the sword of Sparda allowing to make interesting combos that are very much different from the rest. As far as Dante and Nero go we haven’t of much other tweaks which we still have not seen and skins. Remember the big draw to this game is the new character not the old. Enjoy the videos as we see what the game has for us.

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Tekken 7 Gigas

Capcom TV’s Chokaigi Niconico stream had a nice surprise when Katsuhiro Harada one of the people behind Tekken 7 took the stage. He did so dressed up like Pikuachu but that is beside the point. Harada decided to take this moment to introduce Gigas. Gigas is the big Bane ( I said bane marvel fans because of the cords from his body) like fighter we got to see when Jin ad Josie images were leaked. As you can see below he has one hell of presence and power.



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Capcom NicoNico Chokaigi 2015 Stream 1

We have the first stream from Capcom at Niconico a expo where a few game companies decide to show of their games. Capcom is showing off their line from Devil may Cry 4 Special Edition to Resident Evil Revelations 2. Now the stream is long showing off the games in a certain order. If you want to see certain sections to get right to it. I said two as their is supped to be another one tomorrow. For now take a look at what Capcom has lined up with Street Fighter v, Resident Evil Revelations 2 and more.

I assure it works just go forward a little bit.

As always thank you for reading.

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Dragon Ball Heroes God Mission PV2 Trailer

Dragon Ball Heroes God Mission is getting a new trailer. As we have seen with earlier videos the arcade game was getting an update so that you can play through Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F scenario. Before we got to see Freeza, Vegeta and Goku about to through down and now we have confirmation. With both new transformations Golden Freeza and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan in the game thanks to the new video. the video only confirms Goku and Vegeta which I have to point out as the arcade game take liberates with Dragon Ball story line.

DBH img_news_02-1

DBH img_news_05


As always thank you for reading.

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