Team ninja up date

 This entry will focus on the team ninja knonw projects. Dead or alive deminsions (DOAD) and Ninja Gaiden 3(ng3). Well will start with ng3 even though not much has been told abaout it. The offical trailer doesn’t really answer much but just liek the image it does give a lot of hints which have lead to speculation. (If you have not seen the trialer then go to either gametrailers or youtube it is up.)

     The trailer is short adn at the same time puzzeling. At the opening of the trailer you see Ryu showing of from the enemy perspective of cutting into him. As you do this Ryu body begins to take a more demonic turn as it looks like a metor shower is in the back. He pulls back hsi sword and just before he removes his mask the traielr ends.  We shoudl first begin with the sword that he is holding because it is not the dragon sword. It is the blade of the archfiend and he is holding it by it self. In Ninja Giaden 2 he used it along with the true dragon sword as a due weapon.  Also it seems that  Ryu body was going through a transformation as we were watching him. By the end of the video his arm looked as though it was being possesed and hsi eyes were glowing. It seems as though we will have to wait for E3 to fidn out more.

      DOAD is the collection of the dead or alive games up to 4 wiht added content with 3D affect. The added contect may interest hardcore fans as it explains some events and add other. In terms of explaination there is a party pic with Hayate and Lisa. This could be how his memory was wiped clean and he became Ein. As for adding scenes there was pic were Hayate and Ryu are about to fire ninja magic at each other only to have Ayane appear and try to stop them. Both respond by averting there attacks. This even wasn’t in the orginal DOA 3 which is the game where the scene is suppsoe to take place.

    Both games show that they will focus on story and that is nice change and hopefully it does explain a few gaps. These games will be great to play as most team ninja games are and inforative for those interest in the Team Nnja universe.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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