Kenichi class in session

My last post on this subject was light. For those who don’t know about the series wi ll tell you what I know. we will Begin with Kenichi.

Kenichi is the main character of the series often hopeless at time he is underdog to route for. He was living at home as his battles got tougher so to do his training and instead of visiting Ryōzanpaku he now lives there.He practices all martial arts that are tought at the school as he is their only student. He has a little sister who stops by once and while. A mom how keep his dad in line. The father is worried as what Kenichi is learning at the school so he thinks he has to go save him.

Miu is the only other child at Ryōzanpaku . She is the granddaughter of the elder and was taught by him since she was little. She is the one that convinced Kenichi to join the dojo and seems to be the only one concerned about his well-being when the masters go to far. She is well versed in many martial arts but not as much as the other masters. Even though she says she sees Kenichi as just a friend she won’t let other female characters get to close to him without her getting angry.

Akisame is the highly educated and multi talented judo/ jujutsu master. He is the smart of the group of masters and is probably the closes one to Miu family as he was her father best friend. Even though he is incredible smart he is just devilish to Kenichi as the others are. One of the first things he made the boy do was drag him around the block with him sitting on a tire and Kenichi using nothing but his feet. Other times if you see Kenichi rigged to a machine that is supposed to aid him even if it causes pain. He is the guy who made it.

Kensei is an expert on all that is Kung fu. He is the family man of the masters and his daughter has made an appearance in the series and reappears now and again. Even though he is the family guy he is also the pervert having a camera on him ready to take a shot of Miu when ever she is not looking. As the only one how has had a family he is the only one who seems to understand Kenichi when it comes to Miu.

Sakaki the drinking karate master. When he is not drinking he is training Kenichi. He has some law enforcement background as he did work with the FBI on some things. When it comes to Sakaki he is the worlds worst liar but he is also never to far behind Kenichi when times are dangerous.

Appachi is the chldish one of the group. He is seen often playing with Shigure and her mouse. He says appi all the time and is very playful and innocent in a way. His childishness is matched by his incredible power. He has a tough time raining it in and such often kills Kenichi in sparing matches. One episode actually focuses on that. His style is the ever popular Muy Thai.

Shigure is the ninja expert which in this anime means weapon expert. She is the only other female living at the dojo along with Miu. As the only other female she two must put up with Kensei pervisions. At the same time she worries for Kenichi and helps him. She is the one who taught him how to swim as well as how to deal with weapons. Under the watch of the elder of course.

Elder Mui grandfather and the arguably the most powerful character in the series. He proves this by saving Kenichi and his sister from a shark by running on the water. he knows Kenichi is in love with Miu and will only accept it if he beats him. His son is still alive but there is no actual image of other than his shadow. Something happened that made his son kill his wife. He found Miu in a snow dome with a small hole in it allowing to breathe air.

There are more characters as the series is still going in manga from and now as an anime ova. I suggest if you are interested to wiki it or to read the chapters yourself when you are caught up. No  seriously read the manga chapters yourself they are fun to read.

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