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As many of you have heard team ninja has stated that some of the old weapons will come to ninja gaiden 3 by dlc. I have been given this much thought and I think they might wait for the sigma version or they will have to add menues. As of this moment the game is 70% complete but there aren’t menus in the game. The reason why menus healing items and orbs are absent is because Team Ninja want you to be immersed in the game. One of the ways you are immersed in the game is through the fact you only have one weapon to use. Instead of going through the weapon menu picking which tool will get the job done like in the old games. In this version you will sticking with the sword or katana through the game. Also the sword doesn’t really level up. I say that because it seems that during the game you switch katanas instead of leveling it up. In the past game the dragon sword did this but you still leveled it up so you can take on the bosses or at least I did. Before anyone mentions it yes you the dragon sword did change towards the end of the game and became the true dragon sword by one way or another. Also you had two four dragon level weapons. The true dragon sword was one and the blade of arch-fiend was the other. But this game doesn’t have anything like and instead leaves you with katana as primary and only melee weapon. Changing swords at what looks like the story pace. Adding the old weapons from the previous games would change that and means that some sort of menu or scroll system will need to be in place. Normally costumes and missions are added by dlc and while characters and weapons are added in sigma verions. Even though they say weapons I have a feeling that they would better in sigma not dlc.

By the way before anyone starts worrying about the game play relax. Telling by the trailers Ryu is as dangerous as every. With the enemies to push he the skills will show. The style is there as well. Swords first and if you are overwhelmed use ninja magic. So please rest easy on that part. You will just have to deal with a few nonce.

I have been wondering about something since I heard about it and I thought I should share it with you. Why are we talking about sigma? I ask this question because originally the sigma was the ps3 verison of ninja gaiden while 360 got the orignal version. But this time around both systems are getting the game. The only thought is that Team Ninja is using the sigma version as  back up. Hear me out before you blast me okay. Lets say the game is great but the fans are torn. They live the insight into Ryu and the story. Ninja magic is every kind of cool you can think off. However the fans feel as though Ryu needed the variety from the last two games. This would be good for the game as most of Ryu weapons were bladed weapons. For instance the enma huge sword that made dealing with big foes a breeze. The enma sword can still show sword on bone. The only difference is that it may take two bodies out instead of one. Also this is a shot for cameos. Team Ninja is trying to make their own little universe like marvel or DC. I am not saying the cameo character has to be playable just appear. For instance Ryu needs a fast weapon someone tosses him the vigorian frail. An evil-looking pair of nunchucks with blades at the end. He looks to see who tossed him the weapons and see Jane Lee walking away.


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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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