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In past blogs I have asked those who are role-playing games to try in have faith that we will receive more information on final fantasy xiii versus. Yes I know we haven’t heard anything but please try to hold on. For those who don’t understand let me go back to the beginning a little bit. As we all know ff versus was announced a while back and at first we were receiving images and trailers for it to get are mouths watering over it. In other words the usual. However that has all stopped until of January of this year. We were given a few details on the how the battle is going to be a mix of live action and pre rendered scenes.  We also were told that the game was 70 % complete. Also they said that it looked a lot better and the next time we will see it is working on ps3 hardware.  Now here is the problem we haven’t heard anything except it looks better. We don;t have any images to show the difference. Also there no new trailers out either. We you have nothing to show and all you say is it looks better and we will see it is wrong. If the game is 70% closes to being complete show us some images that we haven’t seen before something.

I also want you guys to give this some thought. SquareEnix is saying that they are getting rid of the turn base battle system for good after the xiii seires. To me that means that cool spell like IX flare star will be no more. I think this because most of the spells and cool attack limit break were prerendered . Don’t get me wrong ladies and gentlemen. I would love be wrong on this. But when I just don’t see it the same cool attacks that attracted me to the series back then. Heck that is one of my pet peeves with final fantasy x. Tidus is ultimate attack was compared to Sqaull lion heart. When I got and finally played it I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t.  And when it comes down to xiii I don’t know. There are cool attack but I can’t tell if they are summon spells like the summons always have or the special attacks of the main characters.( I know they go by a different name but the name changes for most or all the games so I will just call them summons.) the most recent thing  I have seen that comes close is quikenings xii. Even those the opponent was a stationary target with prerendered cut scene happening all around him.  I would love to be wrong but I see it. I hope I am but I don’t think so.

Now for he Ninja Gaiden fans. I know  a lot of you are worried about difficulty of the game being to low because the first stage looks easy. With new stage aside you can turn up the difficulty on the game from the start. I must also remind the fans that it is the first stage. After the enemies do change and I said in previous entries the old enemies are back. So please i have my own doubts but let’s try to hold back as much as we can and judge the game when it comes out. Only a few weeks away people just hold on. Also i have a video to show you that will prove my point about the difficulty. This is the stage from the eu trailer watch and enjoy and thank you for reading my post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS2JTU59mHc

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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