A small tast of GetBackers

I have stated that the anime getbackers should get a remake. I did this without explaining the anime. I will give you the shake down but as always I will warn spoiler, spoiler, Spoilers.

GetBackers is about a duo of teenagers who main job is helping retrieve what people have lost. The may sound like an easy job but these request and the people they evolve are from normal. Then again the GetBackers aren’t normal. Lets start with the main characters and I will branch off from there.

Ban Mido is one of the two main characters the b in GetBackers. He is incredible smart begin the one in the series who basically informs the reader or viewer if you are watching the anime the mysteries surrounding an object, place or person.He has two main abilities one is he can cast an illusion on any one who eyes meets up with his. I must tell you that this is not like the Sharingun from Naruto. The rules for the evil eye or jagun in the anime are a lot more strict. Ban can cast three illusion after that he has to wat 24 hours before he can cast another one. He can do it but if he cast for illusions with out the 24 hour break the evil eye will wipe him from existence. The second power is his strength. ban is a skinny guy but he posses amazing speed and strength. This strength can be amplified by the chanting a spell. Most people call the spell his Kamahamaha but I see it more of his Super Sayain if you pardon the dragon ball references. after chanting the spell no one can beat him also he seems permanently boosted until a new threat comes along the trips him up. Ban down sides comes with his temper and pride. One of the arcs in the manga which has been dubbed divine design forces Ban to face someone from his own clan. The first battle between the two Ban denounced everything until he was about to get killed where he showed that he can at least hurt the man. (I should point out that Ban comes from a black magic clan and thus he is a warlock like the man he was fighting.) This pride also get him in the but as he ignores warnings from people who may help him. The other down side is his temper. We all now the old anime rule by now the main character and their band have trouble with money. The reason why this happens to GetBackers is that Ban keeps wrecking things that cost the same amount as he is paid. One more not about the pride thing. Ban seems to uses this to his advantage making people think that he deduces less than he does. This often gives Ban a chance to attack from a blind side.

Ginji amano is the heart and comic relief of the group. Often seen on Ban shoulder in chibi form Ginji is a silly hyper active teen. He fights mostly relying on his electricity to see him through. Think of him as ky guilty gear without the sword. Ginji often faces an enemy that nows about his electricity and has nullified it in some way. This puts Ginji in the corner until he transforms in the lightning lord. A being of pure power that once unleashed is unstoppable. It is hard to describe the Lightning lord as he seems to embody the very essence of lightning and electromagnetism. As mentioned before Ginji has no sense of direction this is because of where he group the infinity fortress(Limitless fortress in the manga). The place is an endless maze where Ginji seems to be the only one how can make heads or tales with it. Ginji and Ban both have troubling childhoods. Ginji Lighting Lord from often caused him grief in the end as it ended the life of anyone he went against in the earlier years.

Himiko is the brat o the group not to sure whether or not she can blame Ban for her brother death. She fights using perfumes that either cast spells on her enemies or her self. She holds her own except for a few times. She is the vooodoo child. A dead child brought back to life and then split in two. One side is good the other is being the opposite. They touch on this in the anime but stop before you understand it. It is then revealed in the manga that she is related to Ban. (I say related because I can’t confirm or deny the translation that I have seen.) Her Brother used poisons as well and reappears to aid in the divine design arc.

Shido A man who can mimic any animal often granting him a whole slew of attacks. Him and Ban bump heads often for one reason or another. He is the no laughing guy of the group. He was once one of Ginji four lt called the four kings. He achieves a power called the chimera in the manga which grants him great strength only to have it plucked out by the vooodoo king. He lives with Modoka a blind violinist who plays falls for Shido. Shido and her can talk to animals.

Kazuki a string user who often confused for a woman. He is just as smart as Ban. But where Ban was homeschooled through old books that he read himself. Kazuki seems to have been taught by a teacher up to a certain point. He is an air to his clan but most of them were wiped out. He was then told to hide in infinity fortress. He posses the stigma in his right eye allowing him to go beyond his limits.

Kirido one of the most powerful character in the series it is hard to say what side he is on. Fighting to just for a good time he often is paid by receiving a good battle. He is vicious as being one of the only character who kills in the series he hated by everyone on the GetBackers on his side. HE seems to enjoy tormenting Ginji as has a smile on his face while he pumps him up only to bring him down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkho6EnZDTc&feature=related

Kirido Speed is insane often killing his victims before they knew they were dead. He cuts them in a way that leaves his name on the walls as their wounds open. By the way this person that I have described to you is actually a doctor.

Heaven is the sexy comic relief. She is the one who sets up the meetings and gives Ban and Ginji their jobs. The dangerous jobs anyway. She knows one of the four kings and it is revealed in the manga in the last arc.

Paul is the owner of the honky tonk the café where the getbackers hang out. He was an original members of the getbackers. In the first generation he was known as the gale emperor able to use wind. He also possessed the ability to reverse his age. He too posses the stigma but duo to the fact he fights so late in the series there is no telling by how much it increase his power.

Der Kaiser is a manga only character who appears in the second to last arc. He is Ban father possessing the same power except for the evil eye which his mother the queen of witches gave to Ban. Even though he only fight twice in the manga he is shown to earned the respect of the people who live in the belt line of infinity fortress. While Ban shows only limited magic his father shows that he mastered at a young age. In the with Paul the two of them were moving so fast that appeared as though they were standing still. So to give the others an idea of what was happening in front of them Dr Jackal throws a rock in between the two. The group then watched as the rock was destroyed in seconds. His second fight was with Ban and all Ban can do was scratch him. Which is what he wanted, Kaiser wanted to free Ban from the curse and thus in finally landing a blow he did.

Voodoo king is the opposite of Ginji in lightning lord mode. As Ginji uses lightning he uses dark energy and curses to fight. Not only is a powerful opponent but he is by far the smartest character in the series. He is able to predict the path predicted by the archive (The brain of infinity fortress which for sees other paths with 99% certainty.) Heck the only way to stop him was for Ginji to face him as the lightning lord and the two cancel each other out leaving only the human forms remaining. It should be noted that most of the horrible things that Ban went through in his life is because of this man sending his forces to hunt him down.

Miroku seven is a family of seven out for revenge against for him killing a girl they knew. The family is more like a person with seven people inside them. During a fight they can switch at anytime and they fight using different fighting styles. Since they can change in a split second one becomes confused and thus finds themselves overwhelmed. Also once the member you are fighting vanishes they heal and come back a new. This character is where the anime and manga part ways. In the anime only two of the seven make an appearance. From this point the anime came up with things on their own.

I stated the last part because if you like action comedy please do check this out. Look at the anime check up on the manga you will love it.

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