Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus r location test 2

The second location test has been announced. Also changes to the characters have been announced as well. And our friends at Dustloop have translated or are in the process of translating the changes made to your favorite characters. Here is where I believe they begin translating!-Loketests-June-2-3!/page80. If you want the raw japanese version here.GGXXAC+R_2ndLocationTest. After some thought I will post them but I do want you all to know now do not ask me about the nmubers. I don’t know what they are.


(translated by coolest, corrections by Dream Maker)

General Changes

  • all normals up until the end of their duration can always be gattling cancelled on hit or block


  • low autoguard from 1-27f
  • +1 to guard advantage
  • can be done from dash (?)
  • removed self-gattling into another 3S
  • lost hurtbox at his back


  • attack level now 5
  • can gattle into 5H


  • stronger hitbox, made it easier to hit the opponent at close range
  • wallbounce on counterhit
  • attack level from 3 to 4


  • can be cancelled on hit
  • can be frc’d just before the active frames
  • proration at 80%
  • recovery increased from 18 to 25f
  • throw invincible from 12-19f
  • can be gattling cancelled from 2P,2K,5S,2S,5H
  • startup increased from 20 to 21f
  • untechable time lessened from 28 to 19f


  • guard gauge increase went from 0 to 14


  • front hitbox slightly widened


  • added gattling combination route to 6P


  • increased hitstun by 2f


  • upper guard point added from 4-18f


  • stronger vacuum
  • untechable until 60f

Shin: Isshiki

  • fan projectiles lost their overhead property
  • sphere speed is slower
  • frc-able immediately after rising


  • blockstun increased by 3f
  • now a mid

Kai (K)

  • after frc, can doublejump or airdash
  • will automatically face the opponent


  • new move

FB Kou

  • can move while falling
  • stronger vacuum effect

FB Shitsu

  • longer range
  • faster sphere speed

FB Rin

  • guard point frames changed from 2-10 to 2-20f


  • damage now 30 + 14 x 13


  • frc window increased by 2f



  • Now gattles to 6K
  • Damage changed to 15 + 15 to 24 + 16
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).


  • Recovery increased from 17f to 19f.
  • Active frames increased from 4f to 5f.


  • Now gattles to 6HS and f.S.
  • Damage increased from 12 + 18 to 22 + 18.
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).


  • Now gattles to 2D
  • Damage changed from 20 + 20 to 30 + 20.
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).


  • Startup decreased from 9 f to 8 f.
  • Damage increased from 18 + 22 to 28 + 22.
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).


  • Now gattles to “After Jump 6+P”
  • Damage increased from 12 + 16 to 23 + 16.
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).


  • Total recovery increased by 3f.
  • Now has two hits.
  • Damage gone from 24 to 24 + 11
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).

”After Jump 6+P”

  • Damage from 8 + 10 to 17 + 11.
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).


  • Damage up from 18 + 22 to 28 + 22.
  • Does only one hit if you hold the button.
  • The guard meter balance of the pull back-part of the move has been reduced (x2 factor).


  • Now +4 on crounching hit if you hit as soon as the hit of the move has started.
  • Now floats closer to the ground on air hit, making it easier to combo from.
  • Prorate: 90 %.


  • Upper Body Inv on second half of the move removed.


  • Counter hit = ground bounce
  • Untechable time now 24 f.

FB (Move 4 charge 6 D) FB曲鎖撃

  • New move

Normal Axl Bomber

  • Guard recovery 7 f shorter. ガード硬直時間が 7F 短くなりました。
  • Guard balance decrease changed from 10 to 20.
  • Can be guarded crouching, standing and in air. (no longer a overhead)
  • FRC added (f5-8).

J 63214 S Kokuugeki

  • Now sends the opponent higher vertically on hit.

63214 HS

  • No FRC.


  • The chain now extends faster.


  • Startup decreased from 5f to 4f.

Up- Followup after Rensengeki曲鎖撃

  • Recovery increased from 35f to 40f

Unblockable move (4 charge 6 HS)

  • Cannot be used when the opponent is in slide down state.
  • Now travels across the WHOLE screen.
  • Moves faster.
  • Recovery decreased from 50f to 30f
  • Counter hit state increased 被カウンターヒット時間が延長されました。


  • Is now a guardpoint move (aka gets executed even if Axl gets hit)
  • No longer has any invincibility.
  • You can now guard the hit.
  • Startup decreased, from 16 f to 8 f.
  • Recovery time changed from 27f to 17f
  • Hitbox behind Axl removed アクセル後方部分の攻撃判定が削除されました。
  • Now launches your opponent even more on counter hit カウンターヒット時の相手の吹き飛びが大きくなりました。
  • Hitbox of Axl during the GuardPoint portion of the move has been increased.

2363214 HS 百重鎌燃

  • Changed so that all hits now connect (more often)



  • Now sucks the opponent in on air hit.
  • Untechable time increased from 14f to 26f.

c. S

  • Startup decreased from 9f to 8f.


  • Startup decreased from 10f to 9f.


  • Untechable time from a cround hit is now 25F (same as for air hit)

j HS (pylon sword)

  • The float after a air hit is now closer 空中ヒット時の 浮き が低くなりました。
  • Untechable time increased from 18f to 20f.


  • Damage decreased from 50 f to 42 f.
  • Untechable time decreased from 45 f to 35 f.


  • Options on hit/block increased.
  • Now gattles to 6K.
  • Guard balance decreased from 8+7 to 4+4.
  • Untechable time for the second hit is now 20f.


  • Guard meter decrease on hit reduced from -15 to -6.


  • Input is now 623P and is a normal special move that cannot be used from block.
  • No inv.frames.
  • Hitbox in front of her made a little bit bigger.
  • Doesn’t shoot them as high up in the air on hit as before.
  • Recovery time increased from 22f to 25f.
  • Guard meter decrease on hit increased from -7 to -12.
  • Lvl3 move on hit and block.


  • Hit properties have gone from normal down to wall bounce.

Air Tatami

  • The hitbox in front the tatami has gotten bigger on the part when the air tatami gets released.


  • Inv. frames have been removed
  • Startup increased from 17f to 10f
  • Upper body inv has been removed.
  • Active frames reduced from 2f to 1f
  • Air hit launches the opponent vertically.
  • Air hit properties changed from “normal down” to “wall slam”


  • Movement speed slightly reduced.
  • Inv.frames moved from f1-7 to f14-26.
  • FRC added (frc point f4-6)
  • Now pulls opponent torward you on hit and guard.

Spinny Wheel counter (斬凶輅)

  • New move.


  • You can use guard cancels without blocking moves between f 9 – 24.


  • Air hit properties: pulls the opponent torwards you and results in a slide state down.
  • Startup of attack decreased from 21f to 20f
  • Recovery on hit and guard increased by 1f
  • Untechable time increased from 24f to 36f.
  • Added a 80% prorate.
  • Guard balance decreased from 6 to 3

Tripple Tatami

  • New move.


  • Now -3 on block (instead o +1)

Baku – GETSU

  • Damage proration on combo afterwards changed from 10 % to 30 %.



  • Damage increased from 22 x 2 to 27 x 2


  • Can now be cancelled to FB Roger Rush and FB Jagged Roger.


  • Startup decreased from 6f to 5f.


  • Damage increased from 20 to 24.


  • Damage increased from 26 to 30.


  • Damage increased from 16 x 3 to 24 x 3.


  • Increased untechable time on hit with 2f


  • Forward hitbox bigger.
  • Can now be cancelled to YOYO-moves after the startup of the hit. 攻撃判定の発生直後でも YOYO技 でキャンセルが可能になりました。


  • Can only be cancelled with special moves.
  • 空中ヒット時に 叩き付け効果 が付与されました。


  • Inv increased from 1-12 to 1-16.

Yoyo 7 SET

  • Speed of the yoyo decreased.

Yoyo Recall

  • Cannot be cancelled to FB Roger Rush and FB Jagged Roger anymore from recall charge.
  • Can be stopped at that location during yoyo callback with yoyo set.
  • Cannot be cancelled to Yoyo-moves after yoyo callback has started.


  • Has been effected due to gravity.
  • Initial velocity increased.


  • Has gone from having full inv. To only having anti-hits inv.
  • Anti hits inv -> f 1 – 16

Mid-air Starship

  • Sucks the opponent in on hit.
  • Now has a FRC (f 19 – 20).
  • Untechable time is now 24f.

Kick Start My Heart( Forward Catapult)

  • Damage increased from 50 to 65.
  • Does not leap over the opponent anymore.
  • Can now be cancelled into yoyo-moves during the later half.

Jagged Roger

  • Recovery time decreased from 39f to 32f

Roger Rush

  • Can now be deployed in air.

Roger GET

  • Proration increased from 85 % to 75 %.

FB Roger Rush

  • Amounts of hits decreased from 5 to 3.
  • The third hit launches your opponent.
  • Can be deployed in air.

FB Jagged Roger

  • Now homes toward the opponent.

Loop the Loop

  • Forward hitbox increased. The final hit of roger now has引きはがし効果
  • The final hit now has a bounces.

My Kill Machine

  • A new and fresh move. The command is 412364 HS and uses 50 % tension (S: are they trolling?)


(translated by suna19)


  • startup reduced from 7f→6f


  • startup increased from 7f→8f
  • removed forced proration


  • FRC point just before the attack hits


  • forced 80% proration

Triangle Jump (wall dash)

  • no longer in CH state during movement
  • if a direction other than forward is input, the angle is steeper (?)


  • after FRC, can now double jump or airdash

Shuriken (air taunt)

  • guard balance increase is zero
  • is now in CH state during the action


  • has strike invincibility while invisible


  • if the command is input again while active, he becomes even harder to see
  • reappears after blocking an attack


  • FRC added, just after he reappears
  • reappears slightly higher than before


  • landing recovery has increased by 3f
  • floats higher on hit

22H and 22D

  • searches for opponents location up to 2f before reappearing


  • falls faster
  • landing recovery reduced from 5f→0f


  • now completely invincible from 1~30f


  • startup changed from 7f+0f → 1f+2f
  • first hit now hits lower


Standing Guard Hitbox

  • Dizzy’s forward hitbox size increased.

Crounching Guard Hitbox

  • Dizzy’s forward hitbox size increased.

Jumping Guard Hitbox

  • Dizzy’s forward hitbox size increased.


  • Now is special-cancellable.
  • Can be gattled to 5HS


  • Recovery decreased from 29f to 21f


  • FRC added. After the startup of the second hit.


  • Proration decreased from 70 % to 80 %.


  • Now has 90 % damage proration

Fish Summon (General)

  • There is now a text above your tension bar that says ”BIT NG”, showing that you cannot summon a fish.

Fish Summon P

  • Searches for your opponent, and has a large forward movement when the distance from your opponent is large.
  • The movement distance of the second movement has been increased.

Fish Summon K

  • Forward movement distance decreased. Three times continuous bite added. Damage thus changed from 25 x 2 to 20 x 3.

Fish Summon S or HS

  • On air hit: causes wall stick.
  • 派生から出した場合の前進距離が短くなりました。

FB Fish summon

  • New move.

FB Ice Spike

  • New move.


  • If time runs out on the bubbles, it pops itself automatically (with a hit and everything)
  • If the bubble gets attacked, it now disappears.
  • If Dizzy gets hit, the bubble now disappears.

FB Bubble

  • Recovery decreased from 30f to 25f.
  • Now is “active” in 199f instead of 159f.
  • Does not disappear if attacked (unlike the normal bubble).

FB Knife

  • New move.

Super Necro Throw Move (Necro ga okotta baai)

  • Damage increased from 34 x 6 to 40 x 6.

Gamma Ray

  • FRC added after the second beam has been shot.


Eddie Gauge

  • Increased from 750 to 1000
  • The meter is now located above the tension meter. And the color has changed.

Eddie Meter Gain

  • When Eddie is been destroyed the restoration speed is doubled. (In AC+ it was triple)

Eddie Tension Usage

  • The amount of meter that it takes for Eddie to use special moves has been increased with 133 % (4/3).

Air Back Dash

  • When Eddie airbackdashes, his tension balance gets reduced (I assume: warning for negative penalty?).


  • When Eddie flies away from the opponent, his tension balance gets reduced (I assume: warning for negative penalty?).


  • Dizzy Rating decreased from x3 to x2.

Air moves.

  • Proration: P = 90% . K = 90 %. S = 80 %.


  • Active frames reduced from 4f to 3f
  • Recovery increased from 8f to 9f.


  • Recovery increased from 12f to 15.
  • Forces crouching state on hit.


  • Recovery increased from 7f to 10f.


  • Startup decreased from 8f to 5f.


  • Now floats higher on hit.
  • Can now be “timing cancelled” before the activity of the move ends.
  • Gattling to f.S and 6K has been added.

S-Eddie Move (NOBIRUUU)

  • Startup 2f slower.

K-Eddie Move (MAWAREE)

  • Eddie Shadow hitbox is now bigger. (Between Eddie and the Sickle) 喰らい判定が大きくなりました。※本体と鎌部分の間です。
  • Active frame of the first attack increased by 1 f

Shadow Hole (Eddie-D)

  • Does not hit low. Can be guarded in any way. Standing. Crounching. In air!
  • Eddie gains Eddie Meter after being executed.
  • Proration decreased from 50 % to 80 %.
  • OTG relaunches.
  • Startup of hit decreased from 57 f to 30 f.

Movement 転移

  • A fresh new move 新規の追加技です。

Eddie Summon WEISS 214HS

  • New move.
  • S: New Shadow P, K, S, HS, D and Drill Special have been added to the move list below Eddie Summon WEISS.

Drill Special

  • Recovery increased from 47 F to 62 F.
  • Only first hit has to be guarded low. All other hits: doesn’t matter how you guard them.
  • Untechable time increased from 14f to 29f.
  • Floats higher on hit.

Iguzooshon (236D)

  • Eddie gains 1000 Eddie meter recovers (evenly).
  • Note: You can surpass the upper limits of the Eddie meter described above.
  • But: if you up all Eddie meter. Or if Eddie is destroyed. Your Eddie meter gets RED and you cannot don’t recover meter.


  • Untechable time decreased from 30f to 20f.
  • Floats higher on hit now.

236236S (air super thing)

  • Startup is now 4+7f instead of 4+10f.
  • 中断した際の硬直時間が 6F 短くなりました。
  • 中断した際に通常投げの間合いの外に出現するようになりました。
  • 1段目の浮きが高くなり、中断した際の有利Fが増加しました。
  • 1段目の攻撃力が70 → 50、2段目攻撃力が 70 → 100 になりました。

Amorphos 632146 HS

  • Now hits even close to Eddie.


(translated by Zinac and ElvenShadow)


  • Attack Box is wider.
  • Vulnerable box is bigger.
  • Change from wall bound on counter hit to float and knockdown.

far 5.S

  • Attack box is wider.
  • Vulnerable box is bigger.


  • Startup change from 6 to 5 frames.


  • Hits 2~3 are now lows, where before only hit 3 was.


  • Untech time changed from 20 frames to 24 frames.

Coin Item

  • Changed to cause flame effect for the rest of the round anytime you use Mou icchou Oisu!

Wash Tub (Tarai)

  • Now falls right above your opponents head.
  • Stagger changed to 1.5x.


  • new item

Hand Weight

  • new item

Tiny Robo-Ky

  • Fall speed increased.


  • Health boost increased.

Candy Bar

  • Tension boost increased.

Scalpel Pull

  • Changed to from 5 to 6 frames after the hit

During Pogo Stance, Backwards Hit (press 44)

  • Untech time changed from 20 to 40 frames.

FB Ushiro kara Ikimasu yo!

  • new move

Ikinari Oissu!

  • Base prorate change from 50% to 70%

FB Pogo

  • can be performed by pressing D while hopping on pogo (up-forward on stick aka 9)
  • can now pickup grounded opponents to continue a regular combo (meaning opponent is not in OTG state after it hits)
  • damage prorates to 80% now


(translated by Mynus)

System Changes

  • Tension gauge from dash up from 30 -> 35
  • Can now Air-dash twice (Ground dash -> airdash -> airdash possible)
  • Airdash length increased from 18 -> 21 frames


  • Now force prorates 90%


  • Hitbox extended horizontally


  • Recovery down 6f -> 1f
  • Forced prorate down 50 -> 60%


  • Moves her forward more
  • Recovery down 23f -> 17f


  • Hitbox extended vertically


  • Now a 2hit move again! First hit active on frame

Kyougen (Dive)

  • K version untech time increased 17f -> 30f almost double
  • S version 80% proration added
  • HS version movement faster; can pass thru opponent; dmg up 20×3 -> 25×3

Chemical Love

  • Hitbox around Ino’s body larger now
  • Air K Chemical Love complete move duration now 42 frames! 30f -> 42f
  • Air S version now 40 frames; 35f -> 40f?

Stroke The Big Tree

  • General hitbox smaller
  • S version now staggers, HS version now floats (reverse from AC)
  • HS version 2nd frc point now after hit
  • Prorate 90%
  • Jump cancellable on hit

Force Breaks

  • FB dive…6-9f invul
  • Force prorate 90%
  • Can stop movement mid move with P cancel
  • Damage up 14×5 -> 20×5


Charged Moves

  • Can now used charged moves stand alone.
  • Commands: 236D, 623D, 214D


  • Throw inv removed.
  • Air hit now results in a wallbounce.
  • Can be cancelled on block/hit.
  • Guardbalance = 10.

6HS – HS followup

  • Can be cancelled with: Charge, FB Charge, Charged Ryuujin, Charged SRK, Charged Gekirin.
  • Knockback on block increased.


  • Prorate changed from 90 % to 80 %.


  • New move
  • Landing recovery increased from 6f to 8f (S: sure sounds like 3HS is Jams old 6HS)


  • Untechable time decreased from 25f to 22f
  • Now floats lower on hit.


  • Can be air guarded (aka don’t need to FD it in air)

Hyappo Stace

  • You can now do Charged Ryuujin, Charged Gekrin and Charged SRK from it.

Hyappo Stance -> Slide (P)

  • Changed so that you wont get Choujin if you go back neutral and press P after doing 236 S.
  • Added strike inv during f 1-4

Hyappo Stance -> FB Hyappo

  • Changed so that you wont get Charged Ryuujin if you go back neutral and press D after doing 236 S.

Hyappo Stance -> Sweep

  • Changed from stagger on hit to Down on hit.
  • Can be cancelled to Charge and FB Charge.


  • Made the hitbox a little bit smaller (around her feet that is)


  • Recovery time decreased from 57 f to 53 f

Charged Ryuujin

  • ヒット時に 相手を前方斜め上へ吹き飛ばす ようになりました。
  • 基底ダメージ補正が 80% になりました。
  • カウンターヒット時の 壁張り付き時間 が、通常ヒット時と同じになりました。

Charged SRK

  • Startup decreased from 5f to 3f.
  • The last hit launches the opponent (straight up) on hit.
  • Guard balance is now = 5 x 7
  • Prorate is now 80 %

FB Hyappo

  • Normal down on hit (instead of wall stick)
  • Can be cancelled to charge and fb charge on hit and block.
  • Untechable time = 28 f

FB Charge

  • Now gives you one charge card for each special (gekirin, ryuujin, srk)
  • Recovery decreased from 64 f to 50 f.

632146 HS Special

  • Recovery decreased from 17f to 9f
  • Sends the opponent flying vertically on hit.


  • Recovery increased from 12f to 16f

64641236 P+K

  • Startup changed from 7f + 29f to 7f + 1f.



  • Movement speed increased.

MF Stance Cancel

  • Recovery time decreased to 1f for all MF lvls.


  • Guardbalance changed from 20 + 20 to 10 + 10.
  • Now can be gattled from 2K, f.S.
  • Can now gattle to 5H and 6HS.


  • Hitbox behind JO is now bigger.


  • Recovery decreased from 25f to 21f


  • Counter hit untechable time now increased from 72 f to 90 f.

Normal Throw

  • Untechable time increased form 40 to 43 f.
  • FRC added (frc timing is when JO throws the opponent)


  • Startup decreased from 7f to 6f.

Ground Divine Blade

  • Strike inv. added during movement frames (frame 6 – 13)
  • Landing recovery decreased from 14f to 7f.

Air Divine Blade

  • Counter hit changed from slapping them to the ground to bounce.

Glitter is Gold

  • New move (coin!)


  • The float on counterhit is now higher.
  • Untechable time on normal hit increased by 3 frames.
  • Prorate now 70 %.


  • Untechable time increased from 25f to 39f


  • Opponent now floats on hit.
  • Prorate 70 %.


  • Rebound on the wallbounce a bit smaller.
  • Untechable time increased from 54f to 70f.


  • Float on hit now is higher.
  • Untechable time increased from 42f to 50f.

All kinds of LVL3 MF

  • You can now move forward/backward during the move.


  • Changed so that all hits even if you hit at the far end.
  • Now staggers on hit.
  • FRC added after the startup of the move.

MidAir Killer Joker

  • Lower Hitbox of Johnny a bit smaller now

All kinds of JackHound

  • Recovery time increased to 10 frames.
  • MF Stance JackHound Staggertime increased from 47F to 51F.
  • Forward moving Jack Hound Staggertime increased from 60F to 70F.

Jack Hound Follow Up Move

  • Startup changed from 1F + 12F to 12f + 1F
  • The opponent can no longer burst during the super flash of the Jack Hound followup.
  • Strike inv time increased from frame 13 – 15 to 7 – 15.


  • FRC timing is now 5F faster.

J236236HS 雲長の居合

  • New Move.


(translated by coolest)


  • during air hit, now blows opponent away horizontally
  • untechable time from 25 to 18f


  • new move


  • decreases guard bar from 17 to 12


  • recovery lessened by 4f
  • can not be done more than once

Stun Edge Charge

  • distance increased

Lightning Strike

  • can now be frc’d.
  • now bounces

S Raging Javelin

  • new move

FB Greed Sever

  • new addition

Lightning Sphere

  • larger hitbox
  • now vacuums grounded opponents
  • command changed to 4d

Charged Dive

  • now wallsticks
  • base damage now 70%

Ride the Lightning

  • can now be frc’d around the frames where ky stops charging in

Air Ride the Lightning

  • startup changed to 7+1f.
  • can now be frc’d around the frames where ky stops charging in

Sacred Edge

  • ball speed now increased


(translated by Kyle)


  • Staggers on ground hit (COUNTER HIT OR REGULAR HIT?)
  • Cannot Gatlin to Dust. (2D or 5D?)
  • Stagger time is now 30F → 26F


  • Startup is now 7F → 6F
  • Recovery is now 10F → 8F


  • Upper body invincibility has been granted
  • Is F 5F was soon canceled out swinging accepted. (5f kara window?)


  • Gatling combination routes from the K edge has been added to S Standing or long distance


  • Whiff cancel is now possible to order a certain period of time
  • Gatling combination routes from S has been added to crouch S · K · Standing Standing distance


  • Full charge is wall stick
  • Whiff cancel is now possible to order a certain period of time


  • Knock back distance has been reduced


  • Lv attack is now 3 → 4


  • Jump cancel is now impossible
  • Recovery time is 30F → 40F
  • Effect has been drawn to the behavior of the grant when hit. (?)

Greeted with applause, please

  • After completing a maximum Tame (Lv4), will now be triggered automatically after 2 seconds
  • Interface indicates the stage of performance on the tension gauge has been added
  • FRC of the is now canceled 20 ~ 21F → 23 ~ 24F
  • Opponent will now knock back when hit in the direction of the dolphin

FB Greeted with applause, please

  • New move added

Kiss Overhead

  • Now move to throw
  • Dash now moves to cancel the normal
  • Startup is 25f
  • Systemic invincible was granted between 19 ~ 25F

Horizontal Mr. Dolphin

  • causes Slide on air hit

Vertical Mr. Dolphin

  • Guard gauge depletion in value is now 10 → 14
  • Recovery time is 5F → 7F

Restive Roll

  • Recovery time is now 15F → 17F

HS-Restive Roll

  • Ground version trajectory almost verical

S-Restive Roll

  • FRC removed. F is the simultaneous generation and reception of the attack roll. (Need better translation)
  • Move not GROUNDED type = opponent is not required to Barrier block the attack
  • Technique is now the middle (Need better translation)

Change of Direction

  • Behavior at the time of the attack hit opponent will now be blown off in the direction of movement
  • Damage is now 14 → 18
  • Recovery time of is now 28F → 32F
  • Startup of attacks is now 11F → 5F
  • 4F was faster timing is derived. (Need better translation)
  • Move not GROUNDED type = opponent is not required to Barrier block the attack
  • Lv attack is now 3 → 2


  • Lower hitbox, picks up Testament more often & I-NO

The ultimate spoiled child

  • Hits cause suction, except final blow
  • Peeling down is now available. (Direction influence?)
  • Time of the third stage of recovery to 8 now 20F → 50F

Bomber Deluxe Goshogawara

  • Hit is now usually sticks → wall down
  • Guard advantage is now +20 F

Large whirlwind spin agony transcendence

  • Startup of attacks is now 1F + 8F → 1F + 14F.
  • Guard advantage is now +2 F
  • The move is now to withstand an opponent’s attack (Absorb/Armor?)
  • Moving speed is now faster
  • Hit = Wall stick
  • Damage is now 18 → 24 per hit.
  • Rising value per hit guard balance has been reduced


(translated by coolest)

General Changes

  • backdash strike invinicibility to 5f


  • startup from 10 to 9f
  • guardbar decrease rate from 10 to 7


  • can now be gattled into from j.K
  • smaller hitbox
  • startup from 11 to 12f


  • startup from 11 to 17f
  • damage increased from 30 to 48
  • attack level from 3 to 4
  • guardbar decrease rate from 9 to 6
  • proration at 80%
  • now wallbounces
  • untech time increased from 23 to 38f


  • new move


  • wider hitbox at front


  • active frames from 2 to 4f


  • untech time decreased from 25 to 20
  • proration at 90%
  • damage reduced from 40 to 36


  • can now be jump cancelled


  • counter state from 1-15f
  • can retrieve pin
  • low stance frames from 1f to 2f (Adelheid Stark – Above-the-foot invuln starts frame 2 instead of frame 1, meaning no more reversal roll under stuff.)

Silent Force (All)

  • can not collect pin after use for a while
  • pin does not glow when unusable, only glows when it can be used
  • untech time from 28 to 33f
  • all version recovery -3f

Silent Force (K)

  • new move

Secret Garden

  • ball disappears when attacked (?)

Lust Shaker

  • can not be caused by mashing buttons

Pretty Maze

  • now increases guardbar by 0
  • both ground and air versions’ movement now similar
  • ground version guaranteed to come out at 22f
  • frc-able at 6-8f

Air Pretty Maze

  • startup from 15 to 13f
  • untech time increased from 40 to 50f
  • guaranteed to come out at 12f
  • recovery now 23f


  • startup reduced from 12 to 5f
  • wallsticks

FB Secret Garden

  • new move


  • last hit slides opponent

Air Winger

  • new move


(translated by coolest)

General Changes

  • after a level 2 on the charge meter, specials that use it have their charge decrease rate halved


  • untech time from 18 to 20f
  • 2H
  • unthrowable from 1-26f
  • lower body invulnerable now from 11-22f


  • larger hitbox at the back


  • staggers


  • proration now 40%

Air Throw

  • higher float

Dead Angle

  • recovery +5

Charge Burst

  • untechable time from 20 to 43f
  • increases blockstun by 5f

Gunblaze (lvl1)

  • added 85% proration

Gunblaze (lvl2)

  • added 85% proration
  • first pillar will always come out

Gunblaze (lvl3)

  • recovery shorter by 3 frames
  • up to 2 pillars guaranteed to come out

Blockhead Buster (lvl2)

  • guard bar decrease from 4 + 4 + 4 to 8 + 6 + 6
  • now wallsticks

Blockhead Buster (lvl3)

  • after 2nd hit, decreases guard bar by 2

Rock It (lvl2)

  • faster movement speed
  • startup faster by 1f
  • 2nd hit knocks down
  • recovery lessened from 17f to 14f

Rock It (lvl3)

  • 4th hit otgs
  • proration now from 80 to 90%
  • smaller float

Ground Bandit Revolver Prototype (lvl2)

  • untech time now at 37f from 18f

Savage Fang (lvl3)

  • gets up to 5 hits
  • OTGs

Tyrant Rave Ver. Omega (lvl2)

  • 2nd hit has longer distance

Tyrant Rave Ver. Omega(lvl3)

  • 2nd hit has longer distance

Dragon Install: Sakkai

  • 1st hit is aerial, rest hits normally(?)


(translated by coolest)


  • now wallbounces
  • ground untechable time from 25 to 28f
  • dizzy modifier from 1.5 to 1


  • during an air hit, knocks opponent away
  • can be gattled into j.D


  • ground untechable from 16 to 40f


  • damage increased from 23 to 40
  • gattling to HS removed
  • but now you can gattle into sweep

Slide Head

  • can connect after a knockdown
  • gets higher float during hit, longer advantage
  • can be frc’d after the quake


  • cause knockdown


  • reduces guardbar by 12
  • can be frc’d 1 frame after the active time
  • untech increased from 18 to 20f
  • attack level reduced to 4

Hammerfall Break

  • can be frc’d around 5 to 10 frames

Heat Knuckle

  • tension gauge increase changed from 0 + 6.0 x 2 + 24 to 0 + 6.0 x 2 + 6
  • can be frc’d when whiffed from 24-25f

Heat Extend

  • tension gauge increase changed from 19.20 to 37.20
  • untech increased to 80f

Potemkin Basutaa

  • can connect attacks when done near screen edge
  • can not be frc’d anymore
  • now throws opponent farther
  • decreases guardbar by 6+15
  • damage added from 140 to 180

Judge Gauntlet

  • upper hitbox shortened
  • now has an interrupt

Air Potbuster

  • added frc during 7-9f
  • larger horizontal hitbox

Dead Angle

  • now knocks down


(translated by coolest)

General Changes

  • heat changes slower


  • upper hitbox is larger


  • startup from 20 to 22f


  • builds less heat

2S (80% heat)

  • 2 hits
  • increases heat
  • increased range, explosion has increased hitbox


  • floats opponent higher when counterhit


  • damage increased from 25 to 30
  • untechable time increased from 18 to 80f

6P (2nd, 3rd)

  • damage decreased from 25 to 20
  • upper invincibility during startup


  • opponent floats higher

Ky-Genshou (lv1)

  • higher heat increase

Ky-Genshou (lv2)

  • opponent slides when counterhit
  • shorter pushback on hit and guard

Ky-Genshou (lv3)

  • wallbounce on counterhit

Ky-Maku Homerun (lv1)

  • higher heat increase

Air Ky-Maku Homerun

  • new move

Chounai Ky Bargain (lv1)

  • higher heat increase

Chounai Ky Bargain (lv2)

  • lower heat increase

Chounai Ky Bargain (lv3)

  • lower heat increase

Ky Denpa

  • damage changed from 8 x n + 35 to 2 x n + 38
  • can recover up to 50% of electricity gauge
  • opponent’s tension can be lowered by 25%
  • opponent gets higher float, shorter horizontal distance
  • throw invincible during startup

Kyou wa Ky San

  • command changed to air 214d
  • can be steered from the first frame
  • can be cancelled from the second frame
  • can now be cancelled into an airdash or air backdash
  • heat decrease is half of what it used to be

Dame na Yatsu wa Nani mo Yatte mo Dame

  • inputting 6 gives you a headbutt
  • enhanced headbutt can be done when heat is around 93-99

Gen Ky Lovers (explosion)

  • can not be airblocked


(translated by magz)


  • Hittable box increased.
  • Recovery increased from 7f -> 10f.


  • GB- increased from 10 -> 13.


  • Special cancellable.


  • Active frames reduced from 9f -> 6f.
  • Recovery increased from 12f -> 15f.


  • Removed stagger from ground hit.
  • Aerial hit causes ground slide.
  • Now gattlings into 2H.
  • Damage lowered from 50 -> 45.


  • Ground hit causes stagger.
  • Float on aerial hit lowered a bit.
  • Untechable time increased from 34f -> 42f.
  • GB- increased from 6 -> 12.
  • Aerial hit causes vacuum effect.


  • Lower body hitbox reduced.


  • Aerial hit causes ground bounce.
  • Damage proration lowered from 100% -> 90%.


  • Hit causes ground bounce.
  • Untechable time lowered from 32f -> 26f.
  • Damage lowered from 50 -> 40.


  • Plummet on air hit made a little stronger.


  • GB- increased from 7 -> 10.


  • GB- increased from 6×4 -> 9×4.


  • FRC point added just before the active frame.
  • Hit causes ground bounce
  • Startup lowered from 31f -> 28f.
  • Float on hit made higher.
  • Lower body hitbox increased.
  • Untechable for 24f.
  • Proration lowered from 70% -> 50%.
  • Level lowered from 5 -> 3.
  • Knockback on superarmor hit reduced.
  • Hitstun increased from 24f -> 26f.

Mappa Hunch

  • Knockback on hit reduced.
  • P Mappa hitstun lowered from 26f -> 25f.
  • K Mappa hitstun lowered from 28f -> 27f.


  • FRC added 2f after the frame damage is dealt.
  • GB- increased from 6 -> 10.
  • Input changed to 236H.
  • Added 3f of recovery.
  • Stagger lowered from (at most) 19f to 13f.
  • Knockback on hit reduced.
  • Being hit out of bite causes CH.
  • Life recovery on hit increased from ¼ to ¾ of the damage dealt.
  • Proration lowered from 70% -> 60% [originally 50% in AC].

S Dandy Step

  • Above feet invulnerability time changed from 10~17f -> 6~13f.

FB Dandy Step

  • Added new move.


(translate by coolest)


  • guard advantage now ±0F


  • ground untechable time from counterhit lengthened


  • ground untechable time from 17 to 26f


  • can now be gattled into from S
  • attack level now 4
  • no longer staggers
  • damage reduced from 40 to 32

Bandit Bringer

  • now ground bounds, also clean hits

Air Bandit Bringer

  • can now be held, it seems (not too sure of the wording here)

HS Fafnir

  • new move

FB Sidewinder

  • new move

FB Fafnir

  • can now be cancelled from a normal
  • now knocks down
  • groundslides during a clean hit
  • unthrowable

FB Tyrant Rave

  • command is 64D
  • can also be held
  • can be done from HS fafnir
  • increased damage when you do a number of clean hits in a combo (?)
  • <sidewinder has the same property>
  • damage now 25 x 3 + 84
  • wallbounce removed
  • faster by 2 frames

Tyrant Rave Ver. B

  • 1st hit floats higher
  • 2nd hit wallsticks

Dragon Install / Second

  • recovery shorter by 8 frames
  • now gets a new knockdown attack!



  • Hitbox above Testament decrease a little bit


  • Buffed the upward hitbox


  • Sends the opponent flying vertically on hit.


  • Hitbox above Testament decrease a little bit
  • Forces crouching state on hit.
  • Guard balance decreased from 10 to 7.


  • Move has been changed so that the hit occurs after a forward momentum.
  • Startup of the hit has gone from 8f to 15f.
  • Now gattles from 5P, 5K, f.S, 2S.
  • Untechable time increased from 16f to 17f
  • Knockback from hit/block decreased a little bit.


  • New move


  • FRC added (f 14 – 15)


  • Forward hitbox increased a bit.
  • FRC time changed. FRC is now on f 17 – 21.


  • Untechable time changed from 14f to 15f.

Air Throw

  • You now gain a power up doll after the air throw (aka 1x power up for Zeinest and Hitomi)


  • New Move


  • Guard balance changed from 5 x 2 to 10 x 2
  • Upward hitbox of the 2nd hit is now a bit smaller.
  • Hitstop of the first hit changed from 13f to 6f
  • Ground BadLance startup changed from 16f to 17f
  • Float properties of the 2nd hit changed (floats a bit less, and sends the opponent flying a bit less).

Air BadLance

  • The float after the first hit is lowered a bit. And the float of the second hit is also lowered a bit, and the distance that it sends them flying is also increased.

All kinds of EXE BEAST

  • The hit of the EXE BEAST now gets triggered by either: a set amount of frames OR when you do another input.
  • It also pushes your opponent further on hit and block.
  • If Testament gets hit when he is charging the beast, the beast gets tamed (aka the EXE BEAST disappears).
  • Note: Does not disappear if Testament gets hit after releasing the beast.
  • FRC point changed: S-EXE from 13-15f to 11-13f, HS-EXE from 13-14f to 11-13f.


  • Startup changed from 16f to 35f if you release it instantly.
  • Does no longer OTG relaunch.


  • Now moves a longer distance.
  • Active frames of hit increased from 19 to 23f

P Phantom Soul

  • Now travels a farther distance than before.
  • Startup changed from 37f to 30f


  • FRC added. On Frame 16 – 18
  • OTG relaunch added
  • Does not get triggered if you set in right in front your opponent.
  • Only gets trigger if it is directly on the opponent.

All kinds of ZEINEST

  • Startup changed.
  • Ground ZEINEST changed from 13f to 11f
  • Air Zeinest changed from 10f to 8f.
  • Now holds opponent for 2 more frames.
  • Positional hitbox of zeinest is now slightly leaning forward upwards.

FB Phantom Soul

  • New move.

Grave Digger

  • Can now be air guarded (no more fd needed)
  • Landing recovery of 3frames added.
  • Opponent now floats higher on hit.
  • Startup decreased from 17f to 14f.

S-Nightmare Circle

  • New move


General Changes

  • Defense increased
  • Dizzy endurance increased


  • Normal fmovement is slower.
  • Tension gain increased.
  • Hitbox of Justice has been made smaller.

Air Jump

  • Can only air jump one time (not 2 like before).

Air Dash

  • Cannot Air Dash

Ground Dash

  • Cannot Ground Dash

Back Step

  • Total of 25 f and back dash distance increased. Strike inv. Between f 1-19.

IK Mode

  • Takes 74 f to go into IK mode.


  • Startup now 6f


  • Startup now 5f
  • Recovery decreased with 2f.


  • Startup now 8f.


  • Startup now 7f. Has to be blocked low.


  • Startup now 6f.
  • Activity decreased with 5f.


  • Startup now 10f.
  • Forward Hitbox now bigger. Hitbox of Justice has been decreased slightly.


  • Forward Hitbox now bigger.
  • Hitbox of Justice has been decreased slightly.
  • Counterhit results in stagger.


  • Startup now 6f.
  • Recovery reduced with 4f.
  • Hitbox of Justice has been decreased slightly.


  • Floats (high) on hit .
  • Hit pulls your opponent towards you.
  • Cannot be cancelled.
  • Forward Hitbox increased slightly.


  • Hitbox made a little bit smaller.


  • Hitbox made a little bit smaller.
  • Justice now has a hitbox on her feet.


  • Untechable time of first hit is now 24f.


  • Startup now 13f.
  • Recovery increased with 5F


  • Recovery increased with 2F.
  • Cannot be gattled to from JHS.
  • Can be gattled to from JP, JK and JS.
  • Now has 50 damage.


  • Startup of first hit = 10f
  • Startup of second hit = 18f
  • Can be jumpcancelled
  • Hitbox of Justice feet made a bit bigger.


  • Second hit now pulls opponent towards Justice.
  • Counter hit staggers.
  • Can be gattled to from 5K, 2S, c.S.
  • Forward hitbox increased.


  • Startup = 27f


  • Active frames now = 5f


  • Can now only hit once.

Normal Throw

  • Throw range increased

236P Valkyrie Arc

  • Total of 38 F, catches between f 9 – 28.
  • Now prorates 50 %.

41236 S – S Michael Sword

  • New move.

41236 HS – HS Michael Sword

  • Only hits once.
  • Damage = 50.
  • On normal hit = wall bounce.
  • Startup = 20f.

Air S Michael Sword 41236 S

  • New move.

Air HS Michael Sword 41236 HS

  • New move.

S.B.T 623K

  • Input now 623K.
  • Lower body inv added.
  • FRC added (f. 12-15).
  • Pulls the opponent towards Justice on hit.
  • 80 % prorate.

N. B. (22 P/K/S/HS/D)

  • Added P, K and D versions.
  • If you hold down the button you can adjust the timing of the explosion.
  • FRC now on f 7-10.
  • Hit after explosion now has 6f startup.
  • You can now have more than one on screen.
  • Trajectory changed.

236D BOOSTSZZ サペリアードランス

  • Can only hit once.
  • Hitbox bellow increased.
  • Movementspeed now slower. And doesn’t move as far.
  • Has full inv. during movement.

J236D MID AIR BOOSTZ 空中サペリアードランス

  • Justice now recovers faster after the move.
  • Justice now automacially faces the opponent after the move.
  • Has full inv. during movement.

Imperial Ray

  • New input: 632146 S.
  • FRC added (f 26-29).
  • The first hit(s) now do 28 damage.
  • Guard balance decreased.
  • Decreased the amount of tension meter that FD-ing Imperial Ray requires.
  • Chip Damage decreased.

Michael Sword Super 632146 HS

  • FRC added (f 4-7).
  • Prorate = 80 %

Gamma Ray

  • FRC added. At the same time as the f of the hit.
  • Faster startup.

OmegaShift (46463214 S)

  • New Move.
  • Requires 100 % tension.


(translated by coolest)

General Changes

  • now gets a possession icon above the tension bar


No Possession


  • added 3f to recovery


  • can be gattled into from f.S
  • stagger from counterhit increased by 5f
  • gets larger knockback

Air Throw

  • can connect attacks after on all characters

Konnichiwa Sanbini no Mukade

  • fullbody invincibility from 1-13f
  • can otg
  • increases soul count by 1

Reigisahou wa Koko Kara

  • recovery shortened by 2f
  • larger hitbox


Dog Possession


  • when in dog possession, increases soul by one each hit (limit is 4)

Dog Attack (All)

  • opponent will get knocked back in the direction of the dog’s orientation
  • all variations have their properties standardized
  • dog appearance has a 30 frame recovery, however it cannot be hit in this period

Dog Attack (Bite)

  • can now be guarded
  • when guarded, increases soul by 1
  • proration removed
  • attack level reduced to 3
  • knocks opponent down on the spot

Dog Attack (Jump)

  • able to do 6D or 8D during this move

Followup Attack

  • can be done after 6/8/4D rebound(?)
  • when opponent is hit on air, knocks them into ground

Dog Attack (Somersault)

  • vertical hitbox slightly slanted
  • blows opponent away diagonally

Dog Attack (Rush)

  • when opponent is hit on air, blows them away
  • untechable time from 12 to 20f


Ghost Possession

General Changes

  • has a special gattling combination ‘route’ where zappa gets free chains. does not apply to the following normals: f.S, 2S, 6S, 5H, 2H, j.S, j.2S, j.H
  • can gattle the same normal 3 times
  • from a 2H or j.H, other than themselves, no proration applies to other normals


  • startup faster by 4f
  • damage now 25
  • j.S (2nd, 3rd hit)
  • startup faster by 4f
  • attack levels turned to 3


  • new move


  • smaller hitbox
  • shorter range
  • damage from 15 to 20

f.S (2nd, 3rd hit)

  • startup faster by 4 frames
  • attack levels turned to 3


  • damage now 18

2.S (2nd)

  • damage now 18, attack level 2, recovery +2

2.S (3rd)

  • damage now 18, attack level 2, recovery +4


  • new

5H (2nd)

  • damage: 25
  • atk lvl 3
  • recovery +4


  • damage: 25
  • atk lvl 3
  • recovery +8

2H (2nd)

  • recovery +4


  • recovery +8


  • damage from 25 to 30

Haunt Mode

  • when using ‘sono mama kaette konaide kudasai’ during haunt mode, you’ll get the ghosts you started with, with 2 ghosts haunting the opponent (?)

Yappari Kaete Kudasai

  • new move


  • can otg
  • reduces guard bar by -5
  • untechable time now 20f


Sword Possession

General Changes

  • after attacking, sword will now stay on the spot
  • chikazuku to yukimasu and other normals that use sword can be airblocked


  • can be blocked standing if sword is placed higher than default position (when crouching)
  • 85% proration


  • can not be jump canceled


  • 85% proration


  • 90% proration

Hai, Kaerimasu

  • frc-able from 1-2f

Itasou, Tte Iuka Itai

  • can control speed by holding stick forward or backward

Ochitoite Kudasai

  • gets upper invincibility
  • +2 souls

Chikazuku to Yukimasu

  • +2 souls


Raoh Possession

General Changes

  • when Raoh appears, a gauge shows its duration

Darkness Anthem

  • has a new HS version

Air Darkness Anthem

  • new

Last Edogai

  • damage reduced from 100 to 80

Air Last Edogai

  • new


As always thank you for reading.

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