Blazblue Chronophantasm news

I have some Blazblue Chrono Phantasma news for you fans out their. As you can see the image on the bottom Mu and Nu will in the next installment. The reason that Noel can change into Nu because she is trying to save Tsubaki. With the help of Rachel she stays in control. As for Mu there is no word on she is here but if the information comes out then I will let you now.

This is information from Dustloop regarding gameplay big thanks for Sowl for posting it. For the forum entry go here.

Both Nu-13 and Mu-12 are playable
– Mu’s Overdrive is Steins Gazer (Geyser?), it makes her lasers faster
– Her AH got new animation
– Story mode: Noel wishes to control the power of the Azure to save Tsubaki and turns into Mu thanks to Rachel’s powers. She’s still the same old Noel inside.
– Nu’s Overdrive is Unlimited Drive, which increases the amount of swords summoned (like in her Unlimited version?)
– New move, Supra Rage. Nu does a backflip and strikes with her legs, making this a good anti-air move that also gives her some distance.
– No new info about the loketests.

Here is the opening for the game.

As always thank you for reading.

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