DBZ battle of the gods beyond Super Sayian 3, Super Sayian God

With the new movie Dragon Ball Battle of the Gods coming out people are wondering if this will erase GT. Here is the reason why the creator Akira Toriyama wasn’t on board but did give his blessing making Dragon Ball Gt legit until now where we have Akira Toriyama on board and a new forum after Super Sayian 3 and the silhouette doesn’t resemble SS4 goku. Also not to many fans were happy with GT. For me the lack of power growth and the length of the sagas did it for me. (I will give you baby saga but the other two were garbage.) It should be noted that the transformation that is shown looks similar to SS4 transformation as the great app does appear over Goku. So What do you guys think about this? Is this movie the start of another series or are we reading too much into this? Let me now okay.

Here is the image:e080cb08e51e330134c562fcb3d9dcf81361484562_full

Trailer 3 at the end notice they show bits of Goku transformation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyCeBG0Ng-A


As always thank you for reading.

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