Final Fantasy versus rumors Persona updates

Okay if you haven’t heard yet about the latest Final Fantasy Versus Rumor than listen up. According to VGleaks Final Fantasy Versus XIII was renamed Final Fantasy XV and is now being made for thier next gen console PS4. Just like what Nintentdo is doing with Bayonetta Sony is assisting SquareEnix in the produciton as well as other areas. You can check out the orginal article below remember this is a rumor that hasn’t been confirmed. So please don;t treat it as fact until we are told it is.

For some reason Atlus felt like reminding us that the people behind the persona series are hard at work on the next game. The creator also thanks the fans for waiting. There is a video that goes with it as well but it hasn’t been translated. So please if you know what they are saying let me know.

Final Fantasy XV Rumor:


As always thank you for reading.

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