Guilty Gear xrd SIGN enters the ring


As you all know Arc Systems showed the trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN a new Guilty Gear game that is still in production and for that moment is being prepared for an arcade release. Well this post is to take a look at the trailer and see what it tells us about Sol, Ky, Eddie and Millia as they were the only fighters in the trailer. First off the look of Sol and Ky is complete opposites as Sol is buff with a small white cross on his sternum and extra belt while Ky is sporting a pony tail. One big change is with Sol and the fire seal sword as it now looks like a dragon head attached to a lighter with the blade on one side and the red cast which it always had now taking up most of the sword. As the makes of the seal weapons Sol can probably modify the weapon in no time at all but the question is why as Sol doesn’t do things without good reason. My theory is that it is made so that it can work with his dragon install better. Before anyone can say anything I do not know If this takes place before Overture after or if Overture is even being counted. The reason why I say this is because in the trailer I don’t see a date as to when xrd takes place. We will have to wait for more information to find that out. Also MIllia is wearing a new outfit all yellow with a hat on and as for Eddie well he looks the same. The appearance is 3D look but 2D game play until you are knocked up into the air wear for a moment and you are given the upward look as you opponent is sent flying into the air. Once you engage in the air it is 2D again. This brings us to gameplay the game play looks smooth and old school as the old mechanics like dust loop, burst and overdrive were shown. Sol and Ky have all of their old moves and they show it with new animated effects. the 3D is like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. The fight seems to take place in a wild west New York with Statue Liberty in a huge whole with a salon in the back ground. Sine we are seeing x characters I am hoping some of the story line from the x series is answered. Also seeing MIllia and Eddie gives me hope that other familiar characters will make their return to the series as well. I am sorry to Millia Rage and Eddie fans as I basically talked about Sol and Ky but you see Millia and Eddie were shown at the end of the trailer .

If you missed the trailer you can check it out here:

Update: spoilers ahead so if you don’t wont to read them then skip.

After giving it some thought I should go into what it means if Overture still counts as part of the official cannon. If Overture is still cannon then Ky has son named Sin who has his looks and Dizzy power which seems to be balanced with Ky power as Sol commented that he must get some of it from his father. I bring him as him, Valentine and Raven are the only ones I am interest seeing in Xrd. Let me explain the other two Valentine I am convinced was a clone of Justice resembling her in human form and in the end of Overture we were hinted that she might still be alive as the destruction That Man keeps going on about. I also mentioned Raven because the only time we saw him fight was in Overture against Sol so it would be interesting to see his style of fighting. Also we cannot rue out that the fact that we might see one or two new faces thrown into the mix for good measure. I felt like I had to add this as the top part of the top part of the post only discuss overture if it didn’t happen. This covers the Overture angle in terms of why I hope to see in the roaster from that game.

As always thank you for reading.

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