Guilty Gear Xrd for Next Gen

While at E3 Siliconera got a chance to talk to Minoru Kidooka Arc system works president about the next Guilty Gear. he didn’t give any specifics saying that they can ask the series creator next year when he comes but he did state that they making the move to next-gen and that Guilty Gear might be that move. Kidooka reminded the interviewer Spencer that they are listed to develop a game for the PS4.

Their is now a petition out for the game to put on the Wii U. Unlike most petition which are mrly the dreams of fans this one has some merit as Arc system responded saying that it is up to Nintendo by saying (Some of our fans started a petition to get Xrd on WiiU. What say you?” If you are curious the petition is at 2,486 as of the 19 of June.


Wii U Article:

As always thank you for reading.

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