Guilty Gear Xrd Unseen sign info

More info has been posted on unseen sign the prequel to help introduce us to guity gear Xrd. The passage that has been translated speaks of Sol, Ky, dizzy, Sin and Valentine. The Story goes that dizzy hasn’t been released from the prison made to proect in overture yet as Ky tries to get the senate to accept gears as living thins not just weapons. Sol is working on Junkyard dog as Sin tags along. As they are camping out Sol senses something in the distance and wakes up grabbing the incomplete junkyard dog saying to himself ” I thought I had more time. I didn’t expect you so soon Valentine. If you want to read the whole thing here.

The story starts out some time after the events of Guilty Gear 2, which have come to be known as Baptism Thirteen. Ky is delivering a speech to an assembly in Illyria, during which he says he believes it’s time to redefine the relationship between man and Gear and officially proposes that they explore a pathway to peaceful coexistence.

It then cuts to the vaults beneath the Castle of Illyria, where Ky is talking to Dr. Paradigm. Ky wants Paradigm to be the representative for the Gears, though Paradigm is still unsure if humanity will ever be able to forgive the Gears, which were designed to destroy mankind, and notes that some are already calling for Ky to abdicate the throne. Ky says that he himself witnessed the Crusades, but now that the curse of Justice’s control has been broken the Gears are free to pursue a life of peace. He says the Crusades are over and it’s time for humanity to enter another Renaissance, explaining the capacity humans have for compassion, love, and forgiveness. He mentions the “Merciless Apocalypse,” saying there are lurking threats and it’s time for man and Gear to join hands and fight for the future. Paradigm is moved.

Ky then raises his eyes to look upon a winged, female figure sealed in crystal. Paradigm informs Ky that he can’t break the seal on his wife yet, and that decoding the incantation will take a while longer.

Ky says, “Truly? Be patient for just a little longer, Dizzy…!” He gazes at her, and she seems to smile faintly.

Elsewhere, Sol and Sin have set up camp for the night, and are sitting around a fire. Sol’s eating some meat and reading a newspaper headline about a vicious group of Gears attacking Illyria. He says there’s something suspicious going on. Sin asks what happened, and Sol tells him to try and read it as reading lesson. Sin enthusiastically opens the newpaper up completely and starts to read it.

In short, it’s misrepresenting Valentine’s attack on Illyria as being the work of Gears, despite Paradigm and his pals risking their lives to protect the kingdom. He throws the paper into the fire. Sol explains that it’s in response to Ky’s proposal, and that even though there’s still a lot of anti-Gear sentiment on the streets, he’s popular and people trust him. He thinks that this is likely the Senate’s way of trying to shift public opinion. Sin basically asks Sol the same thing Paradigm asked Ky… if it’s possible for humans and Gears to coexist. Sol’s response is to explain that Ky fought on the front lines during the Crusades, witnessed the fear and horror, and yet he’s gotten past it, and that he and Sin’s mother found happiness together.

Laying down with a groan, looking up at the sky, and closing his eyes, Sol says, “… At least, I hope it is.”

Sin is surprised by the sentimentality and Sol angrily covers it up. Sol silently wonders what the Senate could be planning, and closes his eyes, but after a moment he suddenly opens them, feeling a strange, uncomfortable sensation. It’s a sensation he felt several times before. He shakes his head.

Sol mutters through gritted teeth, “…I thought I’d have more time… I wasn’t expecting you to show up so soon… Valentine!” He then grasps his incomplete weapon, Junkard Dog, and stands up.

To be continued in Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign.

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