Bones Space Dandy Funimaiton doing the dube

Okay here is what we know about Space Dandy.It will premier on Adult swim right before Bleach 11:30.Funimaiton will be handle the English voice over work and has listed the actors and actresses for the anime.

Character Japanese Cast English Cast

Dandy Junichi Suwabe Ian Sinclair

QT Uki Satake (9nine) Alison Viktorin

Meow Hiroyuki Yoshino Joel McDonald

Dr. Gel Unshou IshizukaJ. Michael Tatum

Bea Kosuke Hatakeyama Micah Solusod

Perry Banjou Ginga Kent Williams

Honey Yurin Alexis Tipton

Scarlet Houko Kuwashima Colleen Clinkenbeard

Narrator Masaaki Yajima R Bruce Elliott

translated promo


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