Batman Arkham teasers

A teaser for an upcoming DLC for Batman Arkham Origins is coming soon. The teaser was posted in the form of an invitation to humanitarian celebration which Bruce Wayne is the honored guest. The article then goes on to give us a hint as to what the dlc is focused by giving a passage.
“As Bruce is leaving, Boyle comments that he is to be presented with a humanitarian award. Posing as a security guard, Batman sneaks into Gothcorp’s offices and finds a security camera tape with footage of the accident: on it, a man named Victor Fries records that he has put his wife, Nora, into cryogenic stasis after she became terminally ill, to give himself time to research a cure.” It is winter time so this we should have seen coming. I will post the image below.


update teaser image


As always thank you for reading.

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