Persona Q Velvet Room Sisters

This time we have two videos for Persona Q showing off a velvet room blue lady. You see both Margret and Elizabeth are in the game which up to this point we were told that Elizabeth was a nurse as Margret role in the game has not been cleared. The video for Elizabeth shows that she I more than just a nurse as it ends with her fighting a monster using a persona. You can watch the videos below with the translated scripts underneath them.


Elizabeth: Hm? Just what is this, I wonder?
Elizabeth: The Velvet Room is a place where nothing meaningless occurs. That same Velvet Room invited you all to come here. In other words, you all have something that you must do. As residents of the Velvet Room, we shall assist you.
Elizabeth: I have waited for this time to come.
Elizabeth: There is a storm that will even make fate and “time” sway.
Elizabeth: Culture festival… That is the festival of excitement and confusion that is held by students once a year…!
Elizabeth: Takoyaki… Everyone! Come, come!
Elizabeth: Elizabeth, going now!
Elizabeth: Everything that begins must end. It makes me want to see where the end of your journey will bring you.


Margaret: Something is happening… No… It’s trying to begin… The cards are whispering that a strange incident is waiting for you.
Margaret: Obeying fate, you wandered into a land between the cracks… As did I.
Margaret: If this is true, I have a destiny to assist you all…
Margaret: I shall look forward to also viewing the story that was woven by the threads of fate.
Margaret: I have interest as to what is inside this “takoyaki”…
Margaret: W-Wo~w, these sweets are sooooo cute!
Margaret: I’m happy to have met you again after so long.
Margaret: I’m not worried… After all, it’s you we’re talking about. I’ll be waiting for that time to come.


As always thank you for reading.

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