DOA World Review Phase 4 Download

The newest review for Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate DLC that includes Phase 4 a new Kasumi clone as well as customs for her and other characters. Check out the review and scores below if you haven’t made up your mind on this character.


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Phase 4 Debut:

doa5u Workout_zpscd07563f

Training Outfit ***

This outfit is probably one of my favorite outfits in the set. It loses a point for being a pallet swap of all the other training outfits, most of us don’t care for, but at least this outfit has a few other things going on for it that make it unique. First off she is wearing a Letterman’s jacket with a hood and pink outlines to add to the color. Also her name is spelled out in English on her chest. This makes for a more unique training outfit.

doa5u CheerleaderThumb_zps46fb554b

Cheerleader Outfit ***

The cheerleader design may not fit Phase 4’s overall persona, but it’s still a cute design for her and I like that shade of purple with black. Like the training gear, it loses a point for not being unique, and a catch-up pallet.

doa5u Phase4UltimateSexy_zps391deeac

Ultimate Sexy Bikini ***

This is not the first time we have seen this one piece bikini, but it’s fit nicely for Phase 4. It’s black and very shiny… and of course you can see what kind of underwear she’s wearing if that means anything to you. I still think they could have designed a more unique bikini to highlight Phase 4 a little better, but it looks good.

doa5u PhaseNurse_zps146c4ae7

Nurse Outfit *

The only nurse outfits I have liked from the start are Momiji’s (come on, she can heal in Ninja Gaiden so it makes sense), Kasumi’s and Kokoro’s. For these nurturing females it made sense… and for everyone else (Tina and Mila especially) it came off as a weird fetish that not many people care for or are even comfortable with. I think Phase 4’s is one of the worst because it’s black as soot with intruding green smoke surrounding it. This is not the outfit to get for Phase 4 because it doesn’t fit in with her killing nature, and it doesn’t look good enough to be fetish worthy.

doa5u SantaThumb_zps17bdcac2
Santa’s Helper *1/2

It’s June, and we’re already getting her catch-up outfit that most people put on in December. It does look good, and it is a catch-up costume, but how come hardly any of these debut outfits match up with Phase 4’s personality?

Overall **1/2

Team NINJA needs to focus now on making Phase 4 look different from Kasumi. One way they could do this is by giving her some crazy combat outfits, outfits that will complement and work with the smoke effects surrounding her, and just unique outfits in general. This pack has some decent stuff in it, but if you’re looking for unique outfits you might want to wait for future updates.


As always thank you for reading.

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