Naruto Shippuden Ulitmate Ninja Storm Teams

Those who follow Naruto Shippuden know tin hey are some interesting team ups well Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution you can team up to create some name that will get noticed as the list for the teams have been posted but not the names for the characters themselves. take a look at the list and see if you can guess who makes up what team.

New Team Kakashi
Team Kakashi
The Bond
Etneral Rivals
From Anbu Black Ops
Powerful Tag Team
Monster Strength
The Legendary Sannin
Battle Scars
The Orochimaru Band
Snake and Tactician
Leaf Chunin
Leaf Peers
“Best Friends”
Junior and Senior
Aiming for Sasuke
Legendary Guts
Team 7 Captains
Raikage’s Group
Leaf’s Light and Shadow
AB Combo
Aburame Clan
Yamanaka Clan
Mist Assassins
Cursed Ties
Sarutobi Clan
Eternal Friends
Sweet Tooth Duo
Apprenticeship Aspiration
Senju Siblings
Dangerous Characters
Reliable Allies
Fastest In History
Adamantine Power
Friends of Darkness
Shadow Women
Worthy Past Opponents
Hokage and Aide
Duo of Fate
Reanimation’s Vesel
Tsuchikage’s Group
Mizukage’s Group
Kazekage’s Group
New Hokage’s Group
Byakugan Users
Snake Masters
Snake Cell
Tsunade and Pupil
Genes of the First Hokage
Boys on the Battlefield
Love Triangle
Nostalgic Team Kakashi
Foundation Members
Medical Jutsu Specialist
Hidden Cloud Natives
Replacement Duo
Hidden Stone Natives
Inherited Necklace
Masked Ninja
Medical Ninja
Mist Ninja Swords
Team Hiruzen
The Sound Ninja Five
Whiskered Warriors
Five Kage Summit
Immortal Duo
Sasuke Rescue Mission
Uchiha Clan
Spectacle Ninja
Mature Women
Hidden Mist Natives
Leaf Genin
Absolute Dieties
Chunin Exam Proctors
Warring State Destiny
Bonds of Love
Taka and Hebi
Camp Friends
Eat of Be Eaten
Akatsuki Feint Unit
Grandmother and Grand Child
Eye and Beast
Reanimated Mist Assassins
Common Interests
Caterpiller to Butterfly
Complete Ino Shika Cho
Entrusted Convictions
Commando Unit
First Company
Old Friends
Pigs Have No Hands
Acknowledged Jinchuriki
Fence Sitter & Hard Head
Zero Identity
Exclusive Mission
Heading: 2o’clock
Poison Expert
Not To ugh Enough
Outstanding Blade
Prisoner of Genjutsu
Rival Kunoichi
Too Handsome By Half
Sexy Eyes
Cunning Old Lady
A Battle wWith The Eyes
The Dog’s The Smart One
Two Right Arms
Hidden Sand Raid
Adorable Juniors
Successful Detox
Etneral Strife
Those Who Would Buld The Future
One From Hidden Waterfall
Grandfather & Grandchild
Former Mizukages
Turtle Island Assault
A World Without Lies
Future Performers
The Raikage’s Aides
They Who Knew Darkness
White Fang of the Leaf!?
War Orphans
Second Company
Forbidden Jutsu Victims
Training In Paradise
Akatsuki Reinforcements
Bygone Smiles
Trapped Rats
Bad Personnel Choice
Stop Nagato!!
All Boys
Team Tobirama
Kisame’s Workload
Team 10
At The End
The Hidden Rain Link
Great Regiment Leader
Third Company
Fourth Company
Firfth Company
Poison Specialist
VS. Jinchuriki
Five Kage Team Combat
Reanimated Akatsuki
Reanimated Jinchuriki
Former Jinchuriki
Great War: Leaf Chunin
Great War: Leaf Peers
Akatsuki Reborn
Odd Beast and Scourge
Sublimbe Art
Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist
Blades of the Wind
Riskey Lovers
The Quarreling Dup
Dangerous Maidens
Mysterious Ninja Binding Unit
New Ninjtsu Development Team
Puppet Masters
Curse Mark
Team Guy
Wild Beasts and Savage Beasts
Team Asuma
Ino Shika Cho Trio
Team Kurenai
The Sand Siblings
Two of a Kind Master and Student
Shogi Friends
The Dream Girls
Secret Lovers
Those Who Know Loneliness
Cursed Siblings
The Hyuga Clan
Absolute Best Friends
Symmetrical Duo
A Woman’s Will
Sensitive to Smell
Top Breeders
Results of Training
Toad Sages
Seekers of Peace
Huge Explosion
Monster Strength Tag Team
Team 7
Close Friends
Utterly Gutsy Master and Student
Hidden Rain Master and Student
Mutual Respect
Make-Out Comrades
Those Steeped in Darkness
God and Angel
Chunin Exam Supervisors
Rivals in Love
My Son’s enemy!?
Seven Blades of the Mist
Ones of Wind Nature
Like Cats and Dogs
Hot Blodded Master and Student
Children of Prophecy
Inherited Will
Uchiha Brothers
Jiraiya’s apprentices
The Two, Grown Up.
Parent and Child
Kannabi Bridge Engineers
Brotherly Love
The Truth of the Uchiha
Mangekyo Sharingan
Past Hokages
Leaf Sensei
Leaf Jonin
Leaf Higher-ups
Orange Colored Brilliance
Hero and Savior
Spiral of Fate
Team Minato’s Reunion
Battle for Nine Tails
The Two Uchiha
Creation of The Akatsuki
First Believer
Uzumaki Clan
Project Tsuki no Me
Kekkei Touta
The Two Madara
Rinne and Sharin
The Revived Team 7
Brow-less Charisma
Similar Attraction
Mecha In Love
Naruto in Hand
Destruction of the Leaf
Etnernal Mangekyo Sharingan
Hidden Sound Natives
My Favorite
Revived Hokage’s
Ironic Answer
Kazekage Bloodline
Torn Friendship
Bonded Spirit
Legendary Lore
Joined Hands
Death and a Child
Rivaled Second
Madara and Kids
Love Relayed
Differing View of Peace
Rule From The Shadows
User and Risk
4th Company’s Twin Peaks
Hope and Despair
Tsunade and Her Assistant
Leaf Medic Team


As always thank you for reading.

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