No 4k For Halo 2

A fan asked the nice people of 343 industries about upgrading Halo 2 to 4k resolution. The game that became the face for all shooter was mad to play mid level on graphics cards for the PC. I will now post his response to this question.

“Yeah, we won’t be doing that, for about a hundred reasons that include the frame buffer switch. And it wouldn’t really be a cinch regardless, there’s more afoot than simply turning up the settings. I’m sure it would be possible. But it ain’t happening. However, I saw little tiny gaps in the jungle canopy on Halo 3 that weren’t visible before. As I was doing that whole, “ooh look up at the sun through the trees” thing you do on Halo games”

This article is a lessons kids. When you tune up one thing you have to tune up everything otherwise it will look odd and wrong.


As always thank you for reading.

About jcphotog

I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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