Final Fantasy Type 0 Drama

For those who haven’t heard of the drama surrounding final Fantasy type 0 let me explain as this may need a lot of it. First off at E3 western fans were shocked and joyed to hear about that game coming their way however instead of the console version liked they were promised Square Enix threw them a curve ball announcing it is coming to the west by next gen. Many were enraged by this but it didn’t stop their.

Another story soon surfaced about Sqaure Enix telling a group of fans who were doing translation to stop and taking all post regarding the translations. Fans see this as a slap in the face and big cooperation swinging it wait around again. The thing that we didn’t know was there was in fighting in the group. Now Jason Schreier of Kotaku who has been following this story for a while tires to connect the dots for people who may not have caught wind of this yet. I admit that I to ignored it but to me Ignored it because I saw it as a sign the game was coming over. Taking away the non sanctioned translation was evidence to me that Square Enix is type 0 over here translated and all.

What makes me look at it now is that the Jason points out that the team who were translating the game were not all together either. When Sky the leader of this translation group announced they were doing the patch everyone was on board but the article notes arguing over Sky tweeting the release saying that they were not ready. This was back and forth for some time until Square enix made its own announcement and then told Sky and the others no more. If you have been waiting for this game and wondering what the shouting is about then give this article a look as it does give you the play by play up legal actions.


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