Dragon Ball Eternal Fan love

Since the little boy known as Son Goku appeared with his red staff and tail we have been found of the little Saiyan. Even though the series ended with GT the love Akira Toyama beloved series I believe never faded.

Before I get into it I should covered the title and what it is about. Originally the series was about finding these small yellow red star balls that when you gather to gather them summon a dragon named Shenron who can grant one wish making a treasure for anyone to find them. This causes a light fights and strong warriors to come forward and fight for the dragon balls. As the series moved forward this stayed true with the Saiyan saga with Vegeta coming to wish for immortality and then Freeza going to Namek to for the same reason as they had their own dragon balls. Other saga like Majin saga Cell saga it was in the back ground as way to undo the damage. the fighting changes as well with characters using special moves in in the orginal Dragon ball to focusing more on new powers and transformations like Super Saiyans, Freez and Cells. It also caught as humorous as many people joked about the power level that came out Z scouters.

With GT the last official dragon ball series to move forward with power and story as Goku is turned into a kid and now must go looking for dragon balls in space. Although we get new chatacters like Uub and Pan (Goku Granddaughter) the series felt a little off. Most of the gang was to old fight like Krillen and others just didn’t care that much for it and have moved on like Gohan who was now scholar. The comedy and action that have come to love was still their though even when we had to say goof bye.

After GT fans still wanted more Dragon ball and they got with an unofficial source in the forum of AF(After Future). Although not sanctioned by Akira AF is still going today with growing characters. AF continues after GT with the character continuing to get stronger SS5 Goku or SS4 gohan. Knowing that people are still thinking of these levels and enjoy the unofficial manga means to me that We still want a good Dragon ball series.

Soon we got Dragon Ball Kai but it isn’t a new series but rather the other one remastered for the new generation to see what the old one is talking about. brought bake with HD Kai would cover z which was originally up to Cell saga but now will include Majin as well. The reason why I didn’t consider it a step forward is that nothing is pushed in terms of story only digitally restored.

Taking that into account we get a little of both with a game called Dragon ball Heroes. Dragon Ball heroes is a card game in Japan that allows fans to play as male or female character who fights along side Goku and the others through the dragon ball series. The interesting part is though that Heroes shakes things up and not just give fans the same old series. We have enemies merging with Super 17 going into his own transformation as we as well Broly the mad saiyan which the seires loves to incorporate with the same level progress as the others making him a more dangerous threat each time. Also the character have been altered with Vegeta having the same levels as Goku not just 1,2 and four like he had originally.

We also have fans showing their love through fan creation such Dragon Ball Absalon. The fan made non profit series animates what was started AF with the creator putting his own spin on it. The Animation is good it may not be on the same level as other dragon ball titles but it is still a good attempt.

The forward momentum doesn’t stop their as we have had a new ova called Dragon Ball battle of the gods which puts the main cast against a god destruction who will make them awaken a new power (Super Saiyan God) in order to stop him from destroying the planet. The film had the dragon ball fan base buzzing and still is with it soon to hit the American fan base Funimation and Dragon ball fans can’t wait to see it dubbed. Also a new film has been announced for next year as well. The word that it will focus on Vegeta getting his turn in the spot light which has never happened before.

We also have the new dragon ball xenoverse to look forward to. The new game does the same that heroes did only we make our own character to go into the dragon ball universe. It sounds something like Heroes in terms of story as well with the fact you can alter the history slightly.

I post this as many may mistake the sudden show of love for Dragon ball as romance rekindled but to me I say that is not right. Fans have never fallen out with Dragon Ball it’s just that we need something we can get behind to show it again. Telling by Akira new stuff with Battle of the gods and the new film we may have it. I just hope that isn’t the end of it we get something else as you can see the love is here as it always was.

As always thank you for reading.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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