Guilty Gear Xrd Behind The Characters

In a recent interview with Siliconera Daisuke Ishiwatari spoke about the new faces we can see in Guilty Gear Xrd and how he came about them. He start with Bedman the sleeping assassin. Daisuke wanted to make a striking character and the idea of having someone fighting from a bed jumped out. Ramlethal Valentine is sort the same as Daisuke wanted to make a new type female character. Valentine is a new boss character that comes from the background a place that was introduced to the Guilty Gear universe in Guilty Gear Overture.


The interesting I spoted in the interview is a question that arose about the Guilty Gear Overture and why Sol and Ky were the only remaining cast. Like most of us Daisuke was surprised to know that they didn’t have the license Guilty Gear X and down. What this meant was everyone from the original Guilty Gear was allowed which is why Sol and Ky could return with no problem. He didn’t explain why the others weren’t mentioned. Arc now does have the license .

For those are asking about PC right now Arc System Works is testing it out with Blazblue series. If things go well then you might get some Guilty Gear Xrd coming your way.


As always thank you for reading.

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