Fate/Stay Night Anime 3rd Commerical

For those interested in Fate/Stay Night a new anime reboot is coming out and we have the third comical. Fate/Stay Night is about Mages facing off with servants who are dead warriors possessing great power all for the infamous grail. If I have your interest then please check out the commercial below if you are still out on whether you want to see a story retold.

Shirō: The reason I’m an ally of justice…
Text: The Holy Grail War that revolves around a miracle
Shirō: I’m Shiro… Shirō Emiya.
Text: The boy who seeks to become an ally of justice – Shirō Emiya
Shirō: If you’re telling me that the reason behind the fire ten years ago was the Holy Grail War, I can’t let that kind of thing happen ever again.


As always thank you for reading.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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