Fate/Stay Night Remake Premier

Aniplex is stating that the they are premiering Fate/Stay Night remake first two episodes episode one and episode zero. Episode zero will premier Oct 4 focusing Rin Tohsaka and her servant Archer. Episode one will focus on Shiro and Saber meeting and will premier Oct 11. Now episode zero was already seen at Osaka while episode one was seen in Tokyo For reminder of what you can expect from the anime take a look below.

Rin: I summon you from the circle of control, protector of balance!
Text: The Holy Grail War that revolves around a miracle.
Rin: There’s no mistake that you’re my Servant.
Archer: I’ll make you regret that rash remark of yours.
Saber: I ask you: Are you my Master?
Shirō: Saber!!

fate stay night key copy


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