Guilty Gear Xrd Famitu Section Updated

We get a new insight to Guilty Gear Xrd through a section that was brought to us famitsu. The section covers the game console release bring new story elements that go beyond what we have seen in arcade mode. One small subject is Sol Badguy wardrobe as in the console story images we see him sporting the jacket he wore in vastedge. Originally I thought that it was flash back when we say it but he seen wearing it as he is seen arguing with Elphelt. I know it is small and I have a few details but trust me when I say this. When I find a bigger one I will post here and the details the images bring with them.

I have now updated the image so we can make out what it is saying. As you can see we have new story mode images including the announced characters and Leo(at least fans are calling him Leo) the lion like character talking to someone called operator one who cares for him. Also according to dustloop translations Leo is one of Ky rival as he is one of the three kings. The section also mentions you can chat in lobbies. Also as you can see we have Bedman talking to someone. At the moment we believe that is the mother that Valentine mentions in the tgs trailer.

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