Guilty Gear Xrd Leo & Justice

I have shown some new images for Guilty Gear Xrd showing us Leo talking operator 1 and a few more things. Now we have statement to go along with the story for the console version. In the arcade version the story stopped with Ramlethal being defeated and revealing she is a fake to distract the Sol Badguy and the others. As this goes on the shadow of a fallen enemy is seen we don’t just get a pic with new character Leo but word that Justice one of the first gears and the mother of Dizzy may be coming back.

“October 21, 2187 12:12 PM. Ramlethal Valentine declares war on the world.

In order to investigate the truth of the matter Sol Badguy and the others take action, and with the help of Ramlethal’s self-proclaimed sister Elphelt Valentine, they succeed in capturing Ramlethal.

However, at the same time the massive object the Cradle appears over the skies Babylon and cause Babylon to fall into a state of catastrophe. Ramlethal’s actions were nothing more than a diversion.

Earth is shaken by the tremendous damage. From the chaos emerge those who seek to fulfill their own ambitions. Behind them is the silhouette of Justice, who was supposed to have been destroyed…

Drawn are the cogs of lust and will, the Gears, as they begin to take action. As the situation heats and the fireworks begin to fly…”

With this new information fans are asking if Leo and Justice will be playable. Now for those who are wondering the pic with Bedman below has people thinking he is talking to Ramlethal mother which according to the article is Justice. This mother was metioed in the TGS trailer by Ramlethal.

The last image shows the collector edition of the game. Now the normal version of the game will be for both PS3 and PS4 as collector edition is for PS4 only.





As always thank you for reading.

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