Guilty Gear Xrd Arc Lays Out The Story

For a while you have heard me talk about Guilty Gear Xrd Story mode. Now we have arc System Works giving us their sales pitch. We heard a little bit of it before but this is a bit more with more detail.

Ramlethal Valentine has declared war upon the entire world. Sol Badguy and company, having set off to investigate the truth behind the matter, recruit the help of Ramlethal’s self-proclaimed sister, Elphelt Valentine, in turn successfully managing to capture Ramlethal. However, right as that’s taking place, a giant object known as “The Cradle” appears over the skies of Babylon, bringing with it catastrophe. As it turns out, Ramlethal’s earlier antics were nothing more than a diversion to divers attention away from the main event.

Thus, the world finds it wrought asunder and in chaos. In the midst of such mayhem, figures emerge that are intent on realizing their ambitions. Drawn by their willpower and lust for power, the Gears rise up and go forth again. Things only get hotter from there as the flames of conflict begin to spark anew.

Having captured Ramlethal, Sol and the others feel they can take a breather now that their ordeal is seemingly over. Little do they know, however, that yet more tragedy is lying in wait for them, as are malignant forces that have been biding their time in the shadows and are starting to finally make their moves.

An organization known as “The Senate” is pulling the strings behind these incidents. Having teams up with Ramlethal, what could possibly be their end goal in all of this?

Though Elphelt is a member of the Valentine “family,” for some reason, she’s taken to working with Sol and his friends. What’s more, unlike her sister, she’s quite animated and shows a variety of emotions.

Dr. Paradigm, a scholar known for his deep intellect and highly perceptive nature, also appears in the story line. His brains serve to back up Ky, Sol, and the other characters as they go about their work.

Leo, one of the kings of Illyria, also makes an appearance in the game. A friend and rival to Ky, he faces down a new threat lurking on the doorstep of his kingdom.

Once again, the power that Sol’s Gear contains is enough to shake up the world as we know it. Will he be a savior this time or…?

Meanwhile, Bedman also lurks in the fringes of this new conflict. With combat prowess abound, he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty when others try to get in his way. His goals in these fights lie within a mysterious being, one that seems to be deeply related to the ongoing chaos.

Having become imprisoned, Ramlethal asserts that her “work is done,” but what exactly she means by that is anyone’s guess.”

To be honest this makes me want to play the game more.


As always thank you.

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