The Last Naruto Movie Toneri Ōtsutsuki

The new character that was revealed the other week for The Last Naruto Movie now has a name. Toneri Ōtsutsuki is a mysterious character who seems to come form the same linage as the six sage and he is behind the main crises. In terms of his movtives for doing this we can’t say at the moment but we might get an idea with a new trailer for the movie premiering in theaters this Saturday Japan. the voice actor for him Jun Fukuyama announced today as well is showing mixed feelings. I should point out that we still have no idea what Sasuke is doing in this movie but we do know he is in it. Even though he is a big fan of the series he shows joy in it ending. He also hopes fans will enjoy the film. check out the new screenshots below as we wait for Naruto last act.

The Last Naruto Movie 2dL4TxG

The Last Naruto Movie 6cczWwh

The Last Naruto Movie KtFjVFu

The Last Naruto Movie KWqFHTW

The Last Naruto Movie QnybCbj

The Last Naruto Movie WsW471c

The Last Naruto Movie zAu5abL

The Last Naruto Movie zceaqQl


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