Naruto Part 3

I have post news showing pics from The Last Naruto Movie showing of a Naruto and Hinata kids. Well it turns out those kids will become the focus for Naruto part 3 as the next generation takes over for the mini series I have also mentioned in one of my prior post. This is all suppose to be part of the New naruto era which right includes the mini series previously mentioned. A screen play and The Last Naruto The Movie. It is hard to say if this will lead to a new manga slash anime but we will see. It will be curious how the series will continue as Naruto takes on the role of father to give the kids their chance in the spotlight. (Yes I know the family pic is from the post where they have not been confirmed but for now this is all I got.) Also found some new one of the gang as grown ups. Take a peek to see Gara smile happily.

The Last Naruto The Movie 0f7186414e4972633e48e7ceeca54e9e1415195575_full

Naruto P3 B1r7K0fCUAAfEUT

Naruto P3 DObtHM5

Naruto P3 eFCDAok

Naruto P3 EtN2wLG

Naruto P3 GOhV6D6

Naruto P3 IE5TMHf

Naruto P3 JrqSZ5R

Naruto P3 nOTUefG

Naruto P3 rWeKfn8

Naruto P3 TC4aahD

Naruto P3 vjXYNXL

Naruto P3 WXm9467

Naruto P3 YfnWpTW

Naruto P3 ZinHHin


Naruto grown up :

As always thank you for reading.

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