Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega Update For Alpha

We got some more changes announced for Ultra Street fighter IV Omega Mode. This time around we are looking at Gen (I man who we were wondering what they will do with) Adon, Rose, Cody, Sakura, Dan and Rolento. Now remember this is only a taste of the changes. For the rest we will have to wait for the game or at least move of the videos.


Okakyaku: Sakura’s dive kick. This move has been in other games, so some of you might already be familiar with it.


This versatile tool not only lets Sakura change her jump arc, but also gives her another option for disrupting your opponent’s footsie game. The start-up time isn’t that great, but we believe it will be a nice complement to her overall game.


The EX version hits twice. With no height restriction, it’s a good move to use to try and create that round-winning opening!


Hadosho is a version of her Hadoken that stays in place, similar to Hakkei. It’s a strong move that can be used in combos. Sakura has gained a lot of moves that can pin the opponent down. This, together with the addition of more powerful moves, gives her a better chance of making a big comeback.

My inspiration: A poetic flurry of cherry blossoms.


Kokukan: Gen in the Mantis Style can now use chain combos, just like he could in the Alpha series! Gen is a character who has always required a bit of effort, but this gives him something nice and easy.


Just hit the buttons and everything connects. However, it doesn’t follow the same conventions as the chain combos from the Darkstalkers series.


Note that you can’t cancel regular special moves from Kokukan—you’ll need to use an EX special or something greater. He can also use his style change like an EX special move, which opens up possibilities for more technical movements.


Go from Kokukan into Setsunasen, and this gives you a style change, which leads to…Ryukoha!

Both the Mantis and Crane Styles have received significant overhauls, making Gen into a formidable character.

My inspiration: Mantis and Crane styles, times two!


Aura Soul Spark Due: Rose gets two additional super combos!



Rose has primarily been a character who waits and responds to her opponent, but by giving her this multi-hit forward-moving super combo we’re hoping to make Rose into a more aggressive character. The different punch buttons lead to different variations—the fierce punch version gives you Soul Spark Tre, which starts off with a strengthened version of Soul Reflect and leads into Soul Spark. Makes you feel like Alpha series Rose is back, doesn’t it?



Soul Passing: A counter-like move that gives Rose the opportunity to follow-up with an attack. It’s similar to the Alpha Counter system.

With attack options, solid defense, and additional moves, Rose is a character that can do it all.

My inspiration: Rose getting her groove back!


Saikyoryu Defense: The first time I saw this I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Omega Dan gets a pushblock?!


Press all three punch buttons while blocking to activate it. But instead of pushing your opponent back, Dan will retreat. Well, that’s appropriate for Dan, don’t you think?

Danretsuken: If the first hit connects, rapidly press the punch buttons to unleash a barrage of attacks! Good for ending combos, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of reach.


We wanted to keep Dan’s personality intact while giving him new moves that expand his potential. I feel like the changes we’ve made definitely make Dan a character worth using.

My inspiration: Dan with limitless potential!


Utsusemi: They say a picture is worth a thousand words…



Got it? Yep, Guy gets his very own Kawarimi no Jutsu! It’s got armor on startup, and as you absorb a hit Guy will teleport to the other side of the opponent. This is good for setting up combo opportunities, and can be used in place of the Focus Attack.

We’ve also made some modifications to Guy’s Run. You can do Hagakure Ten and Hagakure Chi from the EX Run by using the medium and fierce punch buttons respectively.


Appear above their head and drop an elbow on ‘em!

I think that by expanding Guy’s movement techniques and giving him more ninja-like actions we’ve made him into one cool character.

My inspiration: A stud who has perfected the Bushinryu style!


Final Combination: Cody’s iconic attack from Final Fight! This is pretty close to his Final Destruction from Alpha 3.


Start it off using light punch, and then keep tapping light punch for a four-hit combo. Just like in Final Fight, all you need is one button to dish out the pain!


Finish it off with an uppercut to the chin! He can also choose to throw his opponent mid-combo, another move that was present in Final Fight.

While we’re being nostalgic, check out the Mega Crash


Instead of sapping life, this time the move uses one bar of EX meter. Because of its invincibility, it’s a great move to use when you’re cornered or otherwise feeling pressured.

In Omega we wanted to bring out more of Cody’s Final Fight personality, and I think the changes we’ve made make him easier to play. Final Combination, in particular, will be a lot of fun to practice!

My inspiration: Cody going back to his roots!


Jaguar Bite: A strike move that has armor-break properties. If it connects, Adon pulverizes his opponent’s upper body.



The second hit can be super-cancelled, leading to big-damage


Jaguar Claw is a ferocious, forward-moving elbow strike. If you land it from up close you can follow up with another ground-based attack.

Adon has primarily been a character who fights from the air, but with these new ground-based moves and new command normals we hope to bring out more of his Muy Thai style!

My inspiration: “Have I finally surpassed Sagat?!”


Stinger: As was the case in Ultra, Rolento won’t have the ability to throw knives while close to the ground, but he will be able to use them in some new crafty ways!


Press two punch buttons after completing the input for Stinger and he’ll throw a knife straight across the screen. Press two kick buttons, and instead of throwing the knife he’ll attack with it. The EX version will throw three knives straight across the screen. Also, before he throws the knife, you can change his jump arc by pressing left or right on the joystick. It’s going to be fun finding new uses for his modified Stinger.


Snare Mine: Rolento will set a trap by throwing grenades at his feet.

If they hit they’ll explode, sending the opponent into the air. Rolento can follow up with an attack from the Stinger Jump!

In Omega, Rolento’s new moves compliment his existing moves and highlight his unique characterization. He seems like he’ll be particularly dangerous when he has meter!

My inspiration: The Knife Professional, “R” (…does that even make sense?)


As always thank you for reading.

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