The Last Naruto The Movie & Release

The Last Naruto The Movie premiered in Tokyo and both Masashi was thier with Junko Takeuchi voice of Naruto, Kazuhiko Inoue voice of Kakashi and Jun Fukuyama the voice of Toneri Otsutsuki the villain of the movie. At the premier Masashi mentioned how he felt released as he can enjoy the evening. “It feels like being released, because I have no more deadlines. So I was able to come here with plenty of time.” He said this not forgetting the fans as he thanked them for all the years they have been supporting him for all this time. “Thank you very much for keeping on looking at how Naruto has grown for such a long time of 15 years.”

He wasn’t the only one though as Junko had mixed feelings about Naruto maturing. The thing is that it sounds like a mother talking about her son. “Naruto has not yet been able to fully understand about love relationships, so I thought there were so many things I could do in a feature film. After watching the film, now I have a mixed feeling for him, relieved and sad, it’s like Naruto is becoming independent from me. I have been watching him from his father’s point of view.” The fans also got a few pics to as well for the event.

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The Last Naruto The Movie  5XQzbUR

The Last Naruto The Movie pISKuD2


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