The Last Naruto The Movie Sasuke And A Brotherly Understanding

For most of the part we have been talking about Naruto and Hinata for The Last Naruto The Movie but what about Sasuke. In a recent interview Masashi revealed many things about the last Uchia male including inspiration. Masashi is a twin brother and used this relationship as the base idea for the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto. Also Masashi explains why Sasuke left the village. The obvious would be after all he has done it would be difficult to live their. With that in mind Sasuke went on a journey to atone for his mistakes and for answers. For Instance Sasuke is looking into Kaguya, who she was and how she was brought back. Finally how to make sure that she cannot be brought back again. The interview also yelled more information with Masashi saying he didn’t right the script for the movie but went over it to make sure it sounded right. Since he did admit love stories aren’t his thing it only makes since that he would do that. You can check scans form the interview below.

The Last Naruto The Movie  Masashi-Kishimoto-Interview-112914-02

The Last Naruto The Movie  Masashi-Kishimoto-Interview-112914-03

The Last Naruto The Movie  Masashi-Kishimoto-Interview-112914-04

The Last Naruto The Movie Masashi-Kishimoto-Interview-112914-01


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