Final Fantasy XV In Depth With Luminous

We have heard a lot about Final Fantasy XV but not mush about what Luminous has done for it and Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. If you have not heard about Luminous these are the people behind Agni’s Philosophy a Final Fantasy Tech demo that was cg movie for those who say it showing what the studio can do with lighting effects. Now according to the developer journal Agni’s Philosophy is a base for the other two. what I mena by that is that what you say in tech demo Luminous will have double for Final Fantasy XV and Type 0 HD.

” Driancourt: Agni’s Philosophy operates in real time, with an established stream of cinematic content where the viewpoint can be changed while it’s in action. In contrast, the player controls the action in FFXV, so we have to make it even more dynamic than Agni’s Philosophy.

In FFXV, we took techniques from Agni’s Philosophy, but there is also new developments, and we are introducing various new techniques. if you actually look at the recent FFXV trailers, quality-wise we’ve reached a level that is not at all inferior to Agni’s Philosophy.

Iwata: Luminous Studio is in version 1.4 at the moment. The FFXV demo included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be ver. 1.5 and the plan is for the final production of FFXV to be ver. 2.0, upgrading as needed. Currently, the FFXV development team and the Luminous Studio engine development team are working as one on FFXV. At the current stage, I can’t speak concretely about titles in development using Luminous Studio besides FFXV, but I can firmly say that it isn’t an engine build solely for FFXV.

Agni’s Philosophy was the first project we did to practice using Luminous Studio, but as for the first release title using this engine, that would be FFXV. It’s my hope that through the experience of developing FFXV, the game development team gains know-how using Luminous Studio as a base and the engine development team grows stronger seeing their engine come to life as a game.”

The second par covers graphic specs. This is heavy tech speaking about resolution, polygon count and more. If you haven’t heard those before it is referring to the appearance of the game on screen based on the hardware using the character and background models made by using different techniques to bring them to life. At least I hope that explains it.

” Aramaki: To breakdown where all the bones are located, about 150 are for the face, 300 for hair and clothes, and 150 for the body. In order to give them detailed movement, the number of bones in the body increases, but having that many bones for the face, hair, and clothing is something characteristic. There is a bone-based physical simulation technology applied so that clothing reacts to the body’s movements.

I’d say the capacity of just one character’s textures is about 30 megabytes. On PS3 and Xbox 360, the texture capacity of an entire scene of most titles was between 50 megabytes to 100 megabytes. So if we put a FFXV character in that environment, the capacity would be used up in no time. The PS4 is equipped with memory capacity that is 16 times that of the PS3/Xbox 360, so we can spend that much capacity-wise. Furthermore, we are using 2048×2048 texels and 4096×4096 texels for HD textures in FFXV.

When you realize these things, that you could make an entire character on the past gen out of just the polygons used in a FFXV character’s hair, that animations are made up of 10 times the number of bones used on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and that just one FFXV character’s texture capacity would quickly exhaust one scene on the past gen… I think the next time you see footage of FFXV you’ll be even more moved by the technology that goes into it.”

This is Part 1 when the second part comes out I will give it you guys if you are up to it. If not tell me okay.


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