Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F Art & Mission

We have some art work for Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F showing Goku , Frieza and Vegeta with the saiyans in their new outfits from the movie. The artwork comes off of the official blog where we get things through Bulma as noted when we get a reminder that Fireza will be getting a new transformation.

But didn’t the Trunks from the future dice Freeza up into tiny bits?!

They put all the little pieces of his body back together using a whatchamacallit machine, seems like.
And on top of that, since he was defeated by me and Trunks, he’s got a huge grudge, and to win against me, he attacked after gaining the strength to progress/evolve further beyond his four transformations.”

You can see the artwork below and just incase you didn’t hear we will still have super saiyan in the movie. I reported ealier this past year that might not happen but it was a misunderstanding as someone took the line from Goku and Frieza fight from him saying he won’t need it into something else.

That is not where the information end though. Character from Revival Of F can be seen Dragon Ball Heroes God Mission 1. Along SSj4 Gogeta and Evil Bardock images of Goku, Vegeta, Tagoma, Sorbet, Freeza from the movie have been posted. Also Time patrol trunks has also been added. You can check out those images below as well.

DBZF Charapedia_20150219_6954664070001_1










Article artwork:http://dragonblogz.com/revival-of-f-goku-vegeta-freeza-artwork-blog-update/

Article god mission:http://dragonblogz.com/revival-of-f-featured-in-dragon-ball-heroes-god-mission-1/

As always thank you for reading.

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