King Of Fighter XIV Rumor List

With every fighting game you imagine the roaster and King Of Fighters is no different as fans trying to imagine who will be in King O Fighters XIV. Now I should remind fans we do not even know what the next KOF will be named only that Kyo and Iori will be in it and it will be like most other fighting games out here today a mix between 3D appearance but 2D game play. Might as well go with what works. Now below is a list that is a rumor list. Now with each KOF we get this and some times it is right (granted it is rarely right but still it happens). I am reporting this to you guys because it has come in a few discussions and I think you KOF fans might want to know what is up. If you ask my opinion I don’t see it with this list it isn’t. It isn’t the otherworld team as Snkplaymore has a lot of fighters under it belt and they have done it before for King Of Fighter XI. The thing is that some of these teams just wouldn’t work palace wan team sound fake to me but the major point is angle. Angle is from the Nest saga towards the end when K9999 was introduced and Snkplaymore nearly got their butts sued. Granted the issue was with him but bring her back might just bring the subject back up and I think they would like to avoid that with all coast. With that said you guys and girls take a look at the list and see if you think it is true or not. Who knows I might be wrong.

KOFXIV roster according to the rumor!!

Team 01 : China Team ( 恶魇青年 (??), 糖葫芦 (Tung Fu Rue), 枕头少年 (??) )

Team 02 : Japan Team ( 草蕹京 (Kyo Kusanagi), 二阶堂红丸 (Benimaru Nikaido), 大门五郎 (Goro Daimon) )

Team 03 : Fatal Fury Team ( Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, 东丈 (Joe Higashi) )

Team 04 : Art of Fighting Team ( 坂崎良 (Ryo Sakazaki), Robert Garcia, 坂崎百合 (Yuri Sakazaki) )

Team 05 : K’ Team ( K’, Maxima, Kula Diamond )

Team 06 : Kim Team ( 金家藩 (Kim Kaphwan), 他师父 (Kim’s Master), 他师母 (Kim’s Wife) )

Team 07 : Criminal Team ( 犯人陈 (Prisoner Chang Koehan), 犯人蔡 (Prisoner Choi Bounge), 新人囚犯 (Newcomer Prisoner) )

Team 08 : Women Fighters Team ( 不知火舞 (Mai Shiranui), King, Alice )

Team 09 : Ikari Team ( Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Leona Heidern )

Team 10 : Psycho Soldier team ( Athena Asamiya, 椎拳崇 (Sie Kensou), 摸元斋 (Chin Gentsai) )

Team 11 : Yagami Team ( 八神庵 (Iori Yagami), Mature, Vice )

Team 12 : Mexico Team ( Ramon, Angel, Tizoc )

Team 13 : Palace Wan Team ( 脸谱女 (Acting Mask Girl), 电属性少女歌手 (Teenage Girl Singer with Electric Element), 神秘兜帽男 (Mysterious Hooded Man) )

Team 14 : South Town Team ( Geese Howard, Billy Kane, 营家新人 (??) )

Team 15 : South America Team ( 巴西忍者 (Brazilian Ninja), 残障拳击手 (Handicap Boxer), 拉丁美女 (Pretty Latin Girl) )

Team 16 : Alternate World Team ( 娜可露露 (Nakoruru), Love Heart, 龙娘 (Mui Mui) )

Mid-Boss : ( 中BOSS俄罗斯富豪 (Russian Billionaire) )
Final-Boss : ( 最终BOSS人形态非人类物种 (Non-Human Species) )


As always thank you for reading.

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