Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F Success Means More

With his character putting a message on the blog for Dragon Ball Z Revival Of F the voice behind Trunks Takeshi Kusao decides to talk about what the success of the movie can mean for the series.

“When I first heard there was going to be new Dragon Ball, I was so surprised I could hardly believe it. And when I heard that the script this time around was written by Toriyama-sensei, I thought that perhaps we’d get a film that captures more of the pure essence of Dragon Ball.

Would he return to first principles and make something with a sweet and at-home perspective, or something fully-loaded with Dragon Ball-style action? With Akira Toriyama, no matter where he drew the line it would definitely turn out incredible. Just hearing about his involvement gave me goosebumps and made me twice as interested as before.

Even people just seeing Dragon Ball for the first time, or parents watching it with their children, should look forward to this film.

I think this film will raise the curtain on the next era of the Dragon Ball legend.

As eyewitnesses to history, everyone should enjoy to their heart’s content this first page of the Dragon Ball legend that starts here, so that it will continue on after Revival of “F” with another film next year, and another the year after that, on and on.

I think I’ll even go enjoy it along with everyone else.”

This brings up the question as if Akira is thinking of doing an OVA series of Dragon Ball Z. I brought this up before as it is not unheard of now with Atlus is doing with Persona 3 but the question is Akira for it. As you notice above Takeshi was excited to see Akira writing the script as he did with battle of the gods. This is interesting to him because Akira didn’t touch one the movies of the old series and GT although he is okay with everything. (For those who are wondering what the argument about it being a real series to Dragon Ball Z now you know why.) I have no doubts about the movie being successful but the question is will be enough to spark a new series as either an OVA which the way things look now or a tv series. We will have to wait and see.


As always thank you for reading.

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