Funimation Stream Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront is an anime that I am excited to see and it seems Funimation is going to stream it. For those interested in times I am sorry to say not have them since Funimation has just announced and will gives us the date for the streams at a later time. For those who do not know this anime is based off of the manga by the same name made by Yasuhiro Nightow the man who brought Trigun. The story set up is as follows.

“A breach between Earth and the netherworlds has opened up over the city of New York, trapping New Yorkers and creatures from other dimensions in an impenetrable bubble. They’ve lived together for years, in a world of crazy crime sci-fi sensibilities. Now someone is threatening to sever the bubble, and a group of stylish superhumans is working to keep it from happening”

Also the anime is begin done by studio bones who have a lot great animes under their name. If you want to get started with the man dark horse has been doing the translating and most of the books are their cheap so take a look if you are interested.


As always thank you for reading.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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