Mortal Kombat X Some Unannounced Characters

Some people have a way to play as characters in the new Mortal Kombat X that are so far so post to be unplayable except for one. To clarify Rain, Baraka, Sindel are so post to be assassin characters. Characters that challenge you but in certain game mode but you cannot play as. Someone has found a small loop whole that allows player to play as these characters This may be a small mistake that allow players to get their hands on them as the assassin characters come under Shinnok name under one of his variations.

I said their was an exception to this and that is Tanya. She makes an appearance in the game story mode and she is on the way as DLC but she is not suppost to be playable out of the gate. Corrupt Shinnok is the final boss of and so far their is no mention of him being playable. I should point out that these can change with a DLC bur for now enjoy players getting their hands on characters that are suppose to be hand off.



Tanya/Corrupt Shinnok

Corrupt Shinnok

Coorutp Shinnok Fatality and X Ray


As always thank you for reading.

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