Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Swimsuit Preview

Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s has Atlus making the crew from Persona 4 dancing till the break of dawn. Well of course they won’t be doing it in just one outfit which is why for those who want to see Chie or the other ladies in swimsuits are in luck as the Women’s Swimsuit Set DLC will give Naoto, Yukiko, Rise and Chie the option to be ready for the beach. The video below shows the ladies and action as well as their reaction with the dialogue below.

Rise: Oh wow, new costumes!
Chie: Isn’t this kind of embarrassing?
Text: The P4D characters
Yukiko: Don’t look too much…
Naoto: This is a little…
Text: Dance in swimsuits!
Rise: Can’t be helped. Guess I’ll have to give a little service today!
Text: Chie Satonaka (Voice: Yui Horie) – Border Bikini
Chie: This feels great!
Rise: Chie-senpai, you rock!
Naoto: I’m speechless. You’re beautiful!
Text: Yukiko Amagi (Voice: Ami Koshimizu) – Pure Bikini
Chie: You’ve got this down!
Yukiko: Even though I’m the one watching, I get bashful…
Text: Rise Kujikawa (Voice: Rie Kugimiya) – Private Bikini
Naoto: You have plenty of that devilish charm!
Rise: Naoto-kun, you’re totally sexy!
TexT: Naoto Shirogane (Voice: Romi Park) – School Swimsuit
Chie: …Why are you so damn cute!?
Kuma: Make me head-over-heels for you with your dance!
Yosuke: Wow, they all look good!
Kanji: Crap. My heart can’t handle this, dammit!
Protagonist: So stylish…
All: Persona 4: Dancing All Night!


As always thank you for reading.

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