Koji Bloodstained & Money

Koji is the man who is bring us Bloodstained a new gothic action adventure game in the style of old Castlevaina games that he is known for. What I just told you is what fans a paying as this is a kickstarter game and many are still blow away by the fact that it is raising so much money so fast. At the moment the game has near three million through the project and their last goal is allowing them to bring the game to all platforms as they can now bring to the Wii U. Koji sat down to explain the game and his reaction.

“Previously we used to shoot for a bare minimum of 10 hours. We just passed a stretch goal guaranteeing a 25% bigger game so it will be at least 12.5 hours. Again, that’s for someone who is really, really good and doesn’t include the extra modes that clearing stretch goals have provided.”

“Our initial 500,000 goal was going to be a much more compact version due to budgetary limitations but thanks to the additional backer support, I’m finally able to make something bigger than even SOTN. And there will be lots of new modes. I’m really interested to see how far the campaign goes because that could unlock some other really cool ideas. Of course it’s always a balance.”

He also mentioned that he was surprised by the success of the Kickstarter campaign:

“I was expecting 800K at the absolute most… I was wrong (laughs). Yeah, we prepared for something much smaller initially and really had to shift gears to provide better content and more goals attached to the stretch goals.”

Their are a lot more questions on the game on the article so please check it out to see how Koji sees the things at Konami, online gaming and more with the article link.


As always thank you for reading.

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