Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Story, DLC & More

We are talking about Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 with the CEO of Cyberconnect2 Hiroshi Matsuyama who is companied by Miho Nakagawa of Bandai Namco. They talk about the focus of the game from the story mode following Naruto Shippuden as well as character from the movies The Last Naruto The Movie as well as Boruto The Naruto Movie. The information below is taken from an interview from Japan Expo with Hiroshi and Miho. You can check the info as well as the video from the interview below.

“◾Story mode length will be 10 hours, similar to Naruto Storm 3. A single player campaign isn’t the only thing in the game. There are more new features and modes that have not yet been revealed that will extend the longevity of the game.
◾Naruto Storm 4′s story is a continuation of Naruto Storm 3 so it will not focus on events prior to that. CyberConnect2 is, however, thinking of a way to recap past events
◾It is unclear if story mode will include anything for The Last: Naruto the Movie and Boruto: Naruto the Movie since the game is based on Naruto Shippuden. Inclusion of characters from those two movies as playable and as costumes are special cases granted by the licensors of the series. If there are any additional details in regards to content from The Last or Boruto: Naruto the Movie, they will be revealed at a later time.
◾There are currently no plans to include Ino, Sai, Shino, Kiba and others not already announced from The Last: Naruto the Movie since they did not have much of a role. (We at Saiyan Island think Toneri may have been forgotten in the interview since he was not explicitly asked for so we hold out hope for his inclusion.)
◾Players will be able to leverage leader change in both online free battle and story mode. There will be certain situations in story mode, however, where it won’t be possible to use leader change, but in these cases its because the Naruto story might call for a solo fight.
◾The wall fighting system is part of the story mode for Naruto Storm 4. Matsuyama-san did mention they are still considering how to express it in the game, however. (From Saiyan Island’s understanding we think he means how they are going to express it in story mode. It does not seem like fighting battles will be in free battles, at least not at this point in time.)
◾Those who pre-order Naruto Storm 4 will receive early access to The Last: Naruto the Movie playable characters Naruto/Sasuke and costumes Hinata/Sakura. For those that don’t pre-order, they will be able to unlock them through the game later.
◾Those who pre-order Naruto Storm 4 will receive bonus playable characters Boruto and Sarada from Boruto: Naruto the Movie and a costume for Sixth Hokage Kakashi. Matsuyama-san mentioned one should refer to Bandai Namco’s statement on if these will be available in any other capacity. Currently, Bandai Namco has them slated as pre-order bonuses exclusively.
◾Additional DLC is unplanned right now as work on the main game is being performed. In past games, there was a lot of costume DLC and if CyberConnect2 were to have DLC in Naruto Storm 4, they would not do the same thing. They will be thinking of something different, again, if they were to include any paid DLC
◾CyberConnect2 currently does not have any plans for other Naruto games after Naruto Storm 4. (Of course, we think this will change in the future.)”


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