Dragon Ball Xenoverse Dimps Wants Feedback

It has been awhile since we last talked about Dragon Ball Xenoverse but it seems Dimps and Namco bandia want some feed back from the players on the game. For those who have not played it is time traveling dragon ball fighting game with the players going through time fixing key events in Dragon Ball history from the main story lines from Dragon Ball Z to Dragon Ball GT including the movies Battle of The Gods and Revival OF F the last DLC for the game. Anyway Saiyan Island chimed in and decided to post negative and positive about the game as well as their own wish list.

-Ability to create and customize a character
-New take on Dragon Ball Z story
-Attack Clashes
-Battle Damage for Characters
-Spectator Mode in Endless Battle
-Dialogue in Quests
-Ability to present costumes and skills
-Rewards were clearly listed
-Rewards were usable attacks/items in battle, not pointless pictures in a gallery!
-DLC Pack 3

-Remove randomness from rewards. They should be tied to rank and the the expectations to achieve a rank should be clearly defined.
-Delay of Level 99 Implementation. This should have been achievable without a patch.
-Only 1 custom created character selectable at a time. We want to pick any and all characters we’ve created from the selection screen.
-Limited transformations. We need more and they should allow for hair style and aura color selection. Character transformations (like Frieza and Cell) should not be split.
-Missing playable characters and stages. Everyone and every stage in the story mode should be selectable for free battle.
-Unbalanced characters. They should be balanced, otherwise everyone always picks the strongest.
-No Training Mode or COM-vs-COM
-World Tournament never opened!
-DLC should be distributed more logically and there should be no pre-order exclusive DLC.

New, Additional Features and Content We Want
Listed below are new features and content we at Saiyan Island would like to see in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The game hasn’t been announced, but with the success of Xenoverse 1, it’s something we expect! The survey doesn’t ask what additional things we, the fans, would like to see, but question 10 has a free-form textbox that says If you were “Extremely Satisifed” or “Extremely Dissatisfied” with any of the items above, please let us know why you feel that way where you could possibly share your suggestions. With luck, they could be passed on to Dragon Ball Xenoverse developer Dimps!

-Original Dragon Ball story and characters
-Dragon Ball Super story and characters
-More Dragon Ball Z characters from series and movies
-Ability to turn off time limit
-Ability to pick different stages for local multiplayer and endless battle
-Allow uneven battles from the start (1-vs-2, 2-vs-3, etc)
-Allow free for all (all players fighting for themselves, rather than teams)
-Permanent stage destruction
-Ability to select if items can or can’t be used in a match
-Equipment should not be tied to stats
-More variation in character creation, similar to sports games. Use sliders, rather than pre-defined looks (for example, we wanted to make a skinny Male Majin in Xenoverse, but it wasn’t possible)
-More hub worlds in addition to Toki Toki City. It would be neat if players could actually build their own hub world with fellow player residents and fight with other, enemy players to protect it!”

If you have played the game give maybe you should give them your own feed back as well.


As always thank you for reading.

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