Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Story Elements

With the final Location test for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator we will be getting a lot or news that may be accurate or a little off and then might not be right at all. In Gamefaqs forums we have some story details that seem right but at the same time a little off. The information I found is below and you will see how it is a little off.

“* Aria confirmed as material body for Justice. Seems like Sol didn’t know about that.
* Jack-O’ has Justice contained within her, but “only the half of her”. (Other half might be Elphelt?)
* Referred as “Jack O’ Valentine” during the Story
* Jack-O’ wears a mask because she has the same face as Aria.
* Old memories swell up into Jack-O’ when she sees Sol, but those aren’t Aria’s memories…
* Her personality is unstable. That’s the reason why she sometimes acts childish and licks a lollipop.

* Sol is currently suffering because of “The Flame of Corruption” within his body.
* Bedman sleeps because his “engine(=body)” would overload if he moved awake.
* Chronos actually couldn’t fully fuse with Justice before they were ripped apart. (Faust’s story)
* New characters “Raven” and “Tuner” (調律師, Chouritsushi)
* Raven stands in the battle stages during the events like Sin did in Arcade Mode before. (Pretty much a complete character?)

* Raven is apparently travelling with Sol, Sin and Ram.
* “Tuner” is always referred with her name written in kanji. She wears Japanese clothing and has a bell hanging above her boobs. Is apparently friends with Johnny.

* “Tuner” appears in both Leo’s and Faust’s stories. Probably in Johnny’s too, but hasn’t been tested…

* Leo’s story outright states that it’s only been “few days” since -SIGN- ending. Final boss in Leo’s Story is Ky who’s RTL is apparently as fast as Zansei Rouga and moves to three direction like Sin’s…


* Elphelt is sheltered within Bedman’s dream.
* Faust and Chronos are on their way to Colony to meet “Tuner”.
* “Tuner” is something like a doctor? She says that the body temperature of Japanese keeps rising by 0.002 celcius degrees regardless of their other diseases or the temperature outside.
* Faust says that the Japanese within Colony have their the symptoms proceeded too far. The treatment they receive can’t be used on May.

As you can see for those who have seen the story for Xd Sign some of it makes sense while other things seem off. Elphelt parts seem right but then you have Sol part is off as it referes to the flame of corruption causing him to suffer. The problem is that is Sol nick name to which I think they are referring to Dragon Install as it has come up before but in Overture when they faced the first Valentine. So please takes this with a grain of salt.


As always thank you for reading.

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