Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Arcade Date & Jam

Some Guilty Gear Xrd news as we get the arcade release date and opening for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. The date for the game to hits arcades August 25. So we only have a little while to wait. The opening reminds us the game is follow up to xrd sign as it takes three days after sign with Raven talking to That Man in some sort of white room where is sealed. That man asked him to do something about Jack-o  the newest character to join the guilty gear universe. However she is not the newest character to the roster anymore. Today  another old character joins the fight as everyone favorite restaurant owner Jam joins the battle. Her look is slightly altered but I assure you from the opening you can see she is still the same Jam we all know. You can see all below before they start the arc revolution cup.

That Man and Raven Talk

RAVEN: Can’t you escape yet?
THATMAN: It’s difficult. That boy, “Bedman” is the same type as I am.
RAVEN: Then, I’ll buy you some time.
THATMAN: No, we’ll use Jack-O’
RAVEN: Jack-O’? Isn’t it too early for that?
THATMAN: “The Universal Will” is making its moves fast.
THATMAN: Everything is over if Elphelt fuses with Justice.
RAVEN: Understood. I’ll give I-No the order.
RAVEN: With this, our future is settled.
RAVEN: What about the Flame of Corruption?
THATMAN: Seek help from him. Tell that I’ll explain everything later…”

ggxrdr jam GGXRDR poster


As always thank you for reading.

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