Final Fantasy XV A Change In Weapon Systems

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae we were shown the weapon system where you set four types of weapons to break, rush or slash. It took people a while but they slowly got the hang of it and soon YouTube was filled with videos of people going crazy with Noctis sword slashing. Well Hajime is saying that system is going to be replaced by  real time switching weapons systems. It still allows you to switch but you don’t have to set it to a certain thing as with the previous system thus the players gets more options.  More will hopefully be revealed about this system later on. Other commands like counter and Raid(jump) will decided on command.

ffxvbattle03_thumb ffxvbattle04_thumb FFXV_Duscae_06


As always thank you for reading.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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