Shenmue 3 Testing Maps & Models

Shenmue 3 has been showing us it progress as it moves through development and is now testing its maps. So in the third month of development we are now out of planning and into testing which is great. Here is how the developers put it.

“In this phase of the development, the major work being done is the map testing. Map testing will define the different areas to make sure they are neither too big, nor too small to get to that Goldilocks zone. This consists of looking at the layout of a certain space, and experimenting to make necessary alterations. For example, an outside area may feel too open. That space may be reduced by 20%, and the number of people there increased from 10 to 16, to affect the proper consistency and density of the area.”

The thing to note is that is not the only thing that is still in testing as Ryo model is still in the works. The images they released with the information above has an old model of Ryo. So please remember that as you look to see what is done so far.

Shenmue-3_2015_10-30-15_001_png_600 Shenmue-3_2015_10-30-15_002_png_600 Shenmue-3_2015_10-30-15_003_png_600 Shenmue-3_2015_10-30-15_004_png_600


As always thank you for reading.

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