Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Download & Customs

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4  for download is out. The newest Naruto Game needs 28 GBT of roam so make sure you have the space before taking it in. The following information for the game is as follows.

“The normal edition for £44.99 (GBP) / €69.99 (Euros) and £59.99 (GBP) / €89.99 (Euros) for the Deluxe Edition. The normal edition is just a digital download of the game itself, while the Deluxe Edition is the game and season pass DLC. The listed minimum space required for download is 28 GB (gigbytes) on the PS4.”

We also have a few customs that you can purchase from Anbu Kakashi and Tsunade to Karin in pajamas or in a taka. We also have more images from Madara and Hashirama battle to online mode so if you are interested check it out.

Naruto-Storm-4-251 Naruto-Storm-4-252 Naruto-Storm-4-253 Naruto-Storm-4-254 Naruto-Storm-4-255 Naruto-Storm-4-256 Naruto-Storm-4-257 Naruto-Storm-4-258 Naruto-Storm-4-259 Naruto-Storm-4-260 Naruto-Storm-4-261 Naruto-Storm-4-262 Naruto-Storm-4-263 Naruto-Storm-4-264 Naruto-Storm-4-265 Naruto-Storm-4-266 Naruto-Storm-4-267 Naruto-Storm-4-268 Naruto-Storm-4-269 Naruto-Storm-4-270 Naruto-Storm-4-271 Naruto-Storm-4-Scan-29


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Article 2:

Article 3:

As always thank you for reading.

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