2015 RPG

2015 had a lot of gaming news as we saw fan favorites along with progress that some have been waiting to hear about for far to long.

Final Fantasy XV


The next installment of Final Fantasy is one we have been waiting for a long time. Understanding the fans tired of waiting we not only got a small Demo to FFXV but also updates and video showing the game progresss as we get close to a beta. This has given fans a look into what they have been waiting for from the nice graphics and smooth gameplay as to what they are still getting use to as many are still not happy about only boy team. We still have much to learn about the game. Something that many fans will be looking forward to into the new year as we learn more about Noctis world and what threatens it so.


Kingom Hearts 3


Another game fans have been waiting for to long Kingdom hearts 3 has been slowly shown to us. Interesting enough we find out more about the game as we hear more about the prequels making you feel like you are in some sort of time travel tail. Still we have been impressed with Sora latest adventure progress from the new carnival attacks he can use to the worlds he is likely to vist as he deals with the nobodies and what they have in store for all worlds. As with Final Fantasy XV many will be welcomed to see more of this game in the coming year.

Persona 5


Atlus latest adventure is just like the others before a kept secret as fans wonder what they will get with Persona 5. This time around your main character and his team feel as though they must steel evil in order to set things right bring upon them a threat they didn’t see coming. When I mean secret I mean secret as we have only seen two trailers with some bit of gameplay. With Igor now having new secretaries fans wait to see what they will get with this installment that has been inspired by the thief anime Lupin the 3rd as you see with the Persona Arsene who shares his name.

Witcher 3


The Withcer 3 is Geralt last ride but it is turning out to be a good one. Geralt of Rivera must face the myth that haunts him where ever he goes as he looks down the Wild Hunt. The gameplay is refined and the landscape is gorgeous as the Wticher travels takes him from the vast countryside to sprawling cities with numerous areas in between. I said turning out to be as DLC expands Geralt last adventure into a series of tales that the gamer is very interested in getting their hands on.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

FFVIIR l_5664c4b39a773_thumb

Final Fantasy VII Remake was a surprised announcement that stole E3 as fans were taken by the stunning trailer. The game trailer and news would take over when every they would hit the internet. The first trailer grabbed out attention to the point people still look at with the second trailer showing us how the game plays right now. The news of the game not coming out as a whole but in pieces has fans on the fence as well as new gameplay that makes it current rather outdate. The game is still something to look forward to and many fans who have been waiting since they were teens who are now adults can’t wait to get their hands on it.

As always thank you for reading.

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