Final Fantasy XV Summing up ATR

We learn a lot from Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report including three magic type, the Niflheim Empire and  a Dragoon. So lets dig in.

Magic will be affect by weather and the area as we know the ATR mentioned three type fire, wind and ice.  Magic used will grow as old fans have gotten used to but so will the damage it may effect on your party so we must keep in mind. Ring magic is also mentioned but not really explained so we will have to see what comes out of that.

Final-Fantasy-XV_2016_01-25-16_002_jpg_600 Final-Fantasy-XV_2016_01-25-16_003_jpg_600

The Niflheim Empire is a war machine with tech that is perfect to against magic. They also have vastly superior numbers to Noctis and his crew. Iedolas Aldercapt  is the one at the helm of the empire with the game focused on expanding the empire interesting he is not in full control when the game begins. That is up to Chancellor Ardyn Izunia who has the real reigns of power. What interesting is through his humour all can sense something else about him through his shrewd manor. General Glauca is in charge of the general army and not much is revealed about him as this is the first time talking about him. We also got to see Aranea Highwind the commander of Third Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit. She is an expert in Ariel combat that as many fans have called it has her as a Dragoon but not due to fan demand but it is a nickname she has gained among her troops.


Iedolas Aldercapt


Ardyn Izunia


General Glauca

FFXV-ATR_01-30-16_005-600x338 FFXV-ATR_01-30-16_006-600x338

Aranea Highwind


We also have some new combat as the group sneak onto a base showing of some new cross combo combat, sneaking around and character gameplay, For example in the video we see Galdious using a new attack to hit a large number of enemies. Ignus performing a new execution with Noctis and Prompto using a flair.

We also learned of A Final Fantasy even coming states side as we hear for the first time about Uncovered Final Fantasy XV. The event will be held on March 30th beginning at 7PM in  Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Hajime says they will no reveal much but still if you are in the area check it out.



As always thank you for reading.


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